Horses and riders meet at Marrabel

Horse riding enthusiast from many parts of Australia and South Australia congregated at the Marrabel Rodeo Oval to take part in this year’s Worlds End Trail ride for charity on April 28 to May 8.

A large contingent, 121 people registered together with more than 80 horses, spent the weekend in the town visiting surrounding areas before departing on Monday morning on the first leg of the ten day trail ride.

Marrabel Rodeo Club past president Mick Williams said it was marvelous to welcome such a large group of people to the town plus stay and utilise the facilities at the oval and an opportunity to showcase our rodeo history collection.    

It was estimated riders would cover about 35kms a day meandered through the picturesque Tothill Ranges and various private properties with over night camping sites at Point Pass and Robertstown via Inspiration Point.

Trail organiser’s Brenton and Lynda Olsen said the main aim of the trail ride was to raise money for two worthy organizations.

They said this year’s chosen charities were Royal Flying Doctors and the Robertstown CFS.

Lynda said the average age of the riders was about 70 and they have come from Victoria, New South Wales and Northern Territory and South Australia to take part this year.

“Our annual rides have now been running successfully for thirty three years. Each year a new committee is nominated and two different charities chosen,” Lynda said.

Mildura rider Stacey Warne affectionately know as “Kahuna” said, they had fun and had made many great friendships over the years.

“We enjoy meeting people and visiting townships along the way, collectively with all the support towards raising money is very much appreciated,” Stacey said. 

Final destination was a four day stay on a private farm at Worlds End culminating with an entertaining social evening dinner dance with a three course meal provided by the Point Pass Social committee on Saturday night.