Editors change, but readers carry the flame

Today’s edition of the Northern Argus marks my last as editor. 

It’s been one hell of a ride – and one that has left me particularly proud of our team.

When I walked into the Argus office in September 2015, we were about to embark on a massive transformation.

This change was about adapting for the future – embracing society’s increasing appetite for news around the clock and ensuring a sustainable future for our masthead.

The cosmetics of our print edition were a visible change – as was our move to digital first publishing – but what our readers may have missed was the immense behind-the-scenes transformation to an entirely new way of working.

Newspaper production, as we knew it, was reborn.

We moved to a system which gave journalists full control of their stories, from penning the first words to sending pages to press (both print and online).

The core principles didn’t fade, but they have evolved.

We still tell stories in text and pictures, but the words are as likely to be in the form of live blogs as stories.

We have learned to use moving pictures as well as the stills of old – and our print edition is full colour! 

We work in audio, interactives, data, graphics and any combination of the above.

We distribute our work across multiple channels, platforms and devices, including live discussion and debate.

We don’t wait a week to bring you the news – in most cases, we don’t even wait a day.

Our customers aren’t only exposed to our print circulation – they can also reach our immense online audience through our website.

And on top of our extensive body of online work, we also put out a printed newspaper each week.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but we made it through, and for that, I really must acknowledge the incredible team at the Argus.

The Argus is much bigger than any one editor.

What our team manages to do each week continues to astound me.

In the past 2.5 years, we have also built on long term business relationships, and forged some key new partnerships across the region.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and tell the stories of some amazing people, be part of some pretty special celebrations, and advocate with and for our community and the issues that matter most to you.

I am now moving on to a new opportunity within the region where I look forward to continuing to work with, and for, our community.

Please accept this as my farewell to you, our readers, along with my heartfelt gratitude for your support, engagement, response and argument during my time here.

I know many of you have joined – or returned to – our fold in recent years, and we value each and every one of you, in print and digital.

But, in the end, editors such as myself just pass through.

It is you, the readers, who are the real carriers of the flame.