North Eastern Netball League reports on April 14 matches

Wet: North Clare's A1 GA Diesy O'Driscoll looks into the ring. Photo: Carly Grant Photography.

Wet: North Clare's A1 GA Diesy O'Driscoll looks into the ring. Photo: Carly Grant Photography.

R1 – 14/04/2018 

RSMU v North Clare

A1 - RSMU 47 v  North Clare 30

RSMU started strong with accurate shooting from goalies Sophie Griffiths and Jess Moore. North Clare applied tight pressure in the centre court and created some turnovers to catch up a few goals. In the second quarter, North Clare goalie Alyssa moved well and shot accurately. Sarah Noack and Hannah Connell combined well in defence for RSMU to create many turnovers. Diesy O’Driscoll moved well in goals in the final quarter for North and fed well to Alyssa, with some beautiful shots. Accurate shooting again in the last quarter by RSMU made it difficult for the North defenders who fought hard all game. Conditions were tough all game but the game was fast paced with great passages of play.

A2 - RSMU 41 v North Clare 33

Very even first quarter with awesome defence by both Rachel Pearce of North and RSMUs new recruit Jacinta Ahrens. North Clare in front by 2 at the first break. Much the same in the second with RSMU creeping up to be one ahead at the main break. The third was a good one for the Hawks with the Griffiths sisters getting their first opportunity to play in goals together and push out to a 9 goal lead. North brought on Jess Aucote in the last and she had an immediate impact turning balls over at every opportunity. North pegged back the deficit but RSMU too good in the end. Kate Molineux made her A2 debut up from C1 last year a memorable one – consistently good throughout.

B1 - RSMU 37 v North Clare 50

Very hard fought game with the difference being 2 at half time.  Great work at both goal ends with Robyn Coles and Terri Wilkinson having a great battle.  Many turnovers from both sides made for a very interesting second half. Hayley Busch and Emma Watters turned over many balls giving RSMU the opportunity to score.  North’s experienced goalie Renee Scott gained momentum in the fourth quarter which saw North increase their lead to eventually take out the match.

B2 - RSMU 16 v North Clare  36

North Clare commenced well with accurate passing into goal shooter Sophie McLennan resulting in a 6 point lead at quarter time. North extended their lead throughout the second and third quarters, with experienced mid courter Yana Zanette helping to move the ball down the court well.  Hayley Weber from RSMU and Nikki Hannaford picked off many balls in the RSMU defence, however the continued and experienced delivery into North’s goalies, and their strong defence meant that their lead extended to 20 by the final whistle.

C1 - RSMU 14 v North Clare 89

North came out strong from the beginning making it difficult for the Hawks to find their feet. Jo Goodwin played well in the goals complimented by attackers quick feeding, particularly  by a very reliable Sally Rolstone in C. An early injury to Hawks GA Nicole Saunderson made things more difficult but the girls all adapted well to new positions and remained enthusiastic. Molly Goodfellow was a consistent defender for RSMU but overall North played a solid game, increasing their lead throughout for a well deserved win.

C2 – No Game

U15 - RSMU 16 v North Clare   38

The game began well with both teams coming out strong and playing goal for goal. North Clare eventually took the lead, with good strong passes and 99% accurate goal shooting. RSMU did really well in centre passes; their attack was strong and when in the ring all shooters had good accuracy. The extremely poor weather conditions played a factor for both teams missing a few shots, particularly when the wind picked up. Congratulations to North Clare for the win.

J1 –  RSMU 10 v North Clare 29

First game of the season saw North Clare come out as a very strong side. Lara Jaeschke and Ella Pink dominated in the goal circle with RSMU’s Teegan Snook and Matilda Mclean trying their best but unfortunately were out classed by their opposition. Great Attack work by RSMU’s Tegan Senar but that wasn’t enough to stop the force of a better team on the day. Well Done North Clare on your win.

J2 – No Game

J3 - Great first game played by North Clare and RSMU. RSMU came out strong in the first quarter with great defence from Mia Parkinson and Madison Saunders, with outstanding turnovers leading into goals. North Clare came out fighting in the last quarter with great shooting from Mikayla Mason and Keely Pearce.

J4 - Great game by both RSMU and North Clare in the rain. Excellent defence by Madeleine of RSMU and Makayla from North Clare, with good shooting by both teams.

J5  -  Great first game by RSMU and North Clare. Great shooting from Lucy Green and  Maize Fels from North Clare. Lillie Gooden and Paige Fry-Pickles did a great job in the defence lines for RSMU.

Blyth Snowtown v BSR

A1 – Blyth Snowtown  30 V BSR 21

In wet and windy conditions both teams took time to play to the conditions. The first half was even with both teams creating and making the most of opportunities. Score was 11 all at half time. Cats pulled away in the second half with fantastic shooting from Lauren Collins and Tessa Weckert; Cats were well served by their defence line with Ella Roberts a standout in her first A1 game. Kobi Keeley was tireless in her efforts for Tigers however Tigers were unable to match Cats in the second half, cats taking the game by 9.

A2 – Blyth Snowtown 34   V BSR 41

In difficult weather conditions BSR started strong, with many intercepts and goalies shooting well. Blyth/Snowtown fought well in second quarter bringing the score back within a few goals with strong defensive pressure. BSR managed to remain consistent throughout the game finishing strong.

B1 - Blyth Snowtown  45 V BSR 29

Blyth Snowtown had a good start, with Isabel Pratt shooting well, taking an early 3 goal lead. BSR GD Kailie Paul intercepted several balls, giving Lucy Meyer plenty of opportunity for goal. Blyth Snowtown steadied in the third and had plenty of shots, however BSR was rebounding strongly. The Cats took a 14 goal lead into the last quarter and finished well. Both teams had some great passages of play.

B2 – Blyth Snowtown 18 V BSR 9

With a nervous start to the season in very wet conditions all defences held strong down the court, with Tahlia and Maddy pulling in a lot of  rebounds for the Cats. The Cats came out strong to even the score line at half time, but with the trying conditions it was 4 goals all. The Tigers defence held strong with Lucy and Sophie picking up all loose balls. Both teams made changes at half time. Chloe and Kelsey shot well in the last quarter giving the Cats a 9 goal win.

C1 – Blyth Snowtown 32   V BSR 26

Blyth Snowtown started well to gain a 3 goal lead by quarter time. Good defence by Kerry-Lee Welke and Mary Caroll kept the lead for Blyth Snowtown into half time. The third quarter saw BSR shooters Justine Cross and Jessica Longbottom keep the Cats to and even quarter. Blyth Snowtown fought strong in the last quarter coming away with a 6 goal win for the first game of the season.

C2 – Blyth Snowtown  20 V BSR 37

BSR played a very consistent game, starting in the first quarter with good defence by Jessica Longbottom at WD. Blyth Snowtown continued to improve each quarter with good defensive pressure from Nikki Francis and Abby Elsworthy in the defensive ring in the second half but BSR were too strong slowly increasing their lead every quarter with credit to their shooters, Shelley Hage and Jordyn Hentschke.

U15 – No Game

J1 – No Game

J2 – Blyth Snowtown 11  V BSR 6

Great start by the cats saw them get out to a 5-1 lead by the first break. BSR continued to fight back, making the Cats centre court players work hard for every ball, Cats goalies continued to move and pass well, with Makayla Matthews and Mia McCauley shooting well, for the Cats to be up at half time by 6. BSR fought back in the second half with Lara Meyer moving well through the centre court and great defence by Isabelle Weckert. Great game by both teams in trying conditions.

J3 – No Game

J4 – Both teams played a great game with lovely passes and leads by both teams down the court. Alice Wheaton for BSR was speedy in the centre.

J5 - In wind and rain, the brand new players did really well. Some lovely passes by both teams. BSR’s Asha Longbottom shot some lovely goals. Well done to all players.

Min/Man v BBH

A1 - MinMan 21  V BBH 25

MinMan and BBH started the season rebuilding their teams. Hard fought but scrappy in parts BBH lead by one goal at half time. BBH pulled away in the third quarter making it hard for MinMan to catch up. Well done BBH.                   

A2 - MinMan 30  V BBH 10      

A great start by MinMan where they were able to convert turnovers in the first quarter. MinMan were able to continue good form over the next two quarters, with BBH not giving up and putting in a great last quarter.

B1 - MinMan 31  V BBH 35           

Both teams played well in tough conditions and were competitive. BBH pulled away in the 4th quarter and came away with the win.

B2 - MinMan 26  V BBH 24    

MinMan came out strong in the 1st half. Jessica Skinner showed impressive defensive skills and many intercepts. Half time MinMan lead 16-7. After half time MinMan made some changes and the girls were unsettled. BBH’s determination and skill out played MinMan. BBH’s GS was unstoppable with great accuracy in windy conditions. Full time MinMan just managed to steal the win.

C1 - MinMan 37  V BBH 21       

A good first quarter by MinMan. BBH came out strong in the second quarter. Last half was even. Persistent effort in the goal ring.

C2 - MinMan 39  V BBH 29

MinMan started well and kept the lead. BBH came back in the third quarter. MinMans accuracy proving stronger in the final quarter giving them a 10 goal win.

U15 - MinMan 64  V BBH 7            

Great game today by both teams in tough conditions. MinMan proving strong in defence and shooters committing well. Strong finish by MinMan.

J1 - MinMan 7  V BBH 16       

BBH began the first quarter with confidence and steady passing. 2nd and 3rd quarter both teams competed well with many turnovers. Tough conditions made it a low scoring game. Well played by all.

J2 - MinMan 6  V BBH 15             

An evenly played game with both teams having their fair share of the ball. Isabella Bammann and Aylsia Heinrich worked hard in goals, but BBH were too accurate. MinMan put up some good shots but the weather made it tough all game. A great start to the season.

J3 - In difficult conditions both teams started well, strong centre passing, good leads and sure feet were the theme for the day. A game played in great spirits. MinMan had a strong first half with BBH defence improving in the second half. A Good start for the year.

J4 - A strong start to the season for MinMan with lots of scoring opportunities. Players from both teams played well.

J5 - An evenly matched game. A first game for many. Well done to all.

South Clare v Southern Saints

A1 – South Clare 42 V Southern Saints 48

Both teams started strong with everyone pumped to be back into netball. Defenders were working hard both ends, but debutant Bella Rawlings and Katie Liebelt combining strongly for South to lead by 2 at quarter time. Southern Saints came out fighting in the second quarter, with Lisa Ah Chee dominating the mid court, to see scores level at half time. Both teams made changes, including Jess Geister swapping ends, and good defensive pressure from both South and Southern Saints, created numerous turnovers with Southern Saints edging ahead by 2 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Southern Saints worked hard in the 4th quarter with Georgina Pfitzner finishing off strongly to extend their lead to 6. A great game.

A2 – South Clare 32 V Southern Saints 31

Both teams were keen to get going for the first game of the season with many players new to A2 taking the court. Stephanie Green played a solid game for the Southern Saints and Lexie Bache and Parys Maunder combined well in defence for South. South lead at each quarter break, winning the game by 1.

B1 - South Clare 28 V Southern Saints 34

Eudunda started out strong from the start with excellent shooting from both shooters. Eliza Burton and Bree Neild held themselves well when pressure was tight with great support from Mikayla Lawrie. An amazing tight game with many turnovers from both teams.

B2 - South Clare 18 V  Southern Saints 23

South Clare started strong in the first quarter with accurate shooting from Vikki Webb and Phoebe Walsh.  Strong defensive play held the Eudunda shooters well as the game commenced. Eudunda began to fight their way back into the game during the 2nd quarter with some good mid court leadership and accurate shooting.  Grace Frick from South Clare continued to challenge the Eudunda shooters during the 3rd and 4th quarter but the accuracy increased through the game, seeing Eudunda take out the win.  A well-played game in terrible conditions, Julia and Chantal Schutz providing solid shooting and securing a good win.

C1 - South Clare 40 v Southern Saints 11  

Both South Clare and Southern Saints started strong. Due to the weather it was a very settled slow game from both teams. Mandy Knight was strong in the midcourt and Ruby Frick shooting well. Strong defence from Raleigh Trius kept the Saints shooters at bay, however they fought back in the second half. Both teams played well in the tough conditions to start the season well.

C2 – South Clare 36 V Southern Saints 19

South started strong, scoring the first five goals of the game. South Clare goalies Zoe Hendry and Emma Mildren combined well to make the most of their opportunities. Joanne Michalk moved well in the circle, creating many scoring chances but South Clare’s defenders did well to apply pressure and capitalise on rebounds. The Saints came out firing in the second half, creating turnovers and scoring quickly. South were able to settle with excellent midcourt pressure allowing them to run away with the game.

U15 - South Clare 11 V Southern Saints 52

Southern Saints took control of the game from the very beginning. With Maegan Pfitzner shooting  accurately from the start. Souths centre, Chelsea Duke moved the ball well down centre court to Souths shooters. Saints continued throughout the whole game with strong attacks from Saints Centre, Alexandra Handke feeding to their shooters. There was great pressure from Souths GK, Charlotte Fuller who worked hard defending the goals. Saints were the dominant team for the whole game and came away with a convincing win.

J1 South Clare 21 V Southern Saints 34

In horrible conditions Saints goal attack Breea Schultz made it look easy. South rallied in the second half to outscore Saints but overall they were too strong. Sophie Driver shot well and Rebecca Lehmann played well through the mid court in the second half.

J2 – No Game

J3 -

A great close game to start of the season! Isabella Coull and Imogen Hennessey provided lots of drive in South’s attack whilst Matilda O’Brien and Makaya Sauer drove through the midcourt for Saints. The Saints had a big second half and moved the ball well. Wet and slippery conditions made it tough for both teams.

J4 -

Despite the soggy conditions both teams put in a super effort for the first game of the season. Jaz Williams showed good skills in defence for the Saints while Tatum Giles and Daniela Millard were busy in attack for South, well supported by their teammates. A very positive start to the season by all players.

J5 -

For the first game of netball, in windy and wet conditions, both teams showed some great passages of play, with lots of loose balls being chased down. Leni Geister from Saints taking many intercepts and Macey Hall from South providing great drive down the court.