Vale Nancy Barry

On Tuesday afternoon, Jim Barry Wines issued the following statement following the passing of of Nancy Barry:

“It is with great sadness that we, the Barry family, announce the death of Teresa Nancy Barry at the age of 88.

‘Nancy founded Jim Barry Wines with her husband, the late Jim Barry in 1959 and played a significant role in the development of the winery and the brand. She enjoyed seeing the business grow to where it is today and took great pride in the achievements of her family.

“Whilst Jim controlled the winemaking and vineyard management, Nancy assumed responsibility for all other facets of the business, including accounting, cellar door and packaging. In the early days of the business, she hand washed, labelled and corked every bottle until production reached 12,000 bottles and the process could be automated.

“Nancy enjoyed the wine industry and the interesting people she met over her many years, especially those she entertained in her home. She warmly greeted tens of thousands of people to the cellar door and always encouraged them to take a few bottles away. Respectfully referred to as Mrs. Barry at the winery, she was a mother to her staff and took a genuine interest in their wellbeing.

“Although she would claim to have a cellar palate, Nancy was fascinated with the winemaking process and always took an interest in the blending, which in the early days was done on the kitchen sink. Out of respect for one another, Jim would always ask her what she thought of his latest blend and Nancy would always say it was the best he had ever made!

“As a mother of six, grandmother of nineteen and great grandmother of six, Nancy was a most loved and respected matriarch of the Barry family, whose caring nature, insights, advice and razor-sharp wit will be sorely missed. Nancy passed away peacefully in her sleep on Monday 12 February.

“Perhaps ironically, the original label produced by Jim and Nancy was called St Clare and all that knew Nancy would certainly regard her as the Saint of Clare.”