Rebecca Sullivan visits Manoora

It was all about learning ‘The Art of a Natural Home’ with author Rebecca Sullivan at Manoora on Sunday. 

Organised by the Gilbert Valley SA CWA, it was an opportunity for the members to enjoy something for themselves and learn a few new skills along the way. 

The Granny Skills workshop gave women a chance to create items for their homes without the use of chemicals and it showed them how to make things from every day items in their cupboards. 

Gilbert Valley CWA president said the workshop was about giving back to its members. 

Many took the opportunity to take part and learn these skills. 

Ms Sullivan’s Granny Skills’ mission is all about safeguarding and preserving those skills learnt many years aho, the traditions of our elders passed down from generation to generation. 

Being part of these types of events is just one aspect of being part of the CWA and if you want to get involved all are welcome to join their local group. 

Each SA CWA branch has their own objectives, projects and plans, it’s always welcoming of all women of all ages – join your local group today.  

If you are interested in joining with the Gilbert Valley SACWA, get in touch with Renae Plueckhahn 0439 996 548, the group meets on the third Wednesday of the month at a different location.