Emu Flat flare-up February 8 | Galley

Clare was on high alert once again on Thursday after a break-out within the Emu Flat fire ground.

The fire broke out on land close to the Clare Cemetery on Bennys Hill Road, causing the Country Fire Service to issue an emergency warning for those in the area.

About 30 crews responded quickly responded to the fire ground after it ignited 200 metres north of the original blaze almost a week ago.

Crews were quick to prevent the flare-up from spreading further after the initial blaze burned through about 130 hectares on February 1.

About five hectares were burnt on Thursday with a team sent to support a couple of properties close to the fire.

CFS issued another update at 4pm advising that the fire was largely contained, however with changing weather conditions expected there is a risk it could spark up once more.

Residents in the area, particularly along the Northern, Eastern and Southern boundaries, are advised to remain vigilant over the next 36 hours and to check and follow their Bushfire Survival Plans as conditions may change