Proud history of local Guides

Foundation guides enrolled in July 1923.
Foundation guides enrolled in July 1923.

The local association of Girl Guides was formed in 1923. 

They met in the Drill Hall and at private homes until the Guide Hut was built.

Mrs Otto Wien Smith was president followed by Mrs Diana Christison, Mrs Ruby Jones, Miss Isabel Wien Smith, Miss Leila Roberts, Mrs Ethel Pink, Miss Doreen Hicks, Mrs Shirley Wright, Mrs Hore, Mrs Masters and Mrs Ruth Jarman.

Various functions were held to raise money for a hut, and after 10 years it was built on land owned by the Clare Oval Trust at a nominal annual fee of 197 pounds and measured 35 feet by 25 feet.

A donation of 100 pounds was given by Sir Sidney Kidman. It was opened free of debt by Mrs Sidney Ayres, a former Divisional Commissioner, and dedicated to the purpose of Guiding by Rev. L. Bulbeck in 1938.

The hut was lined by Mr Dickeson who gave his time free.

The Girl Guide Thrift Campaign began in Clare in May 1940. Headquarters were at the stables of the Misses Wien Smith in King Street.

Waste was collected by the Rangers and Guides by Miss Leila Roberts with pony and cart, also by car with Miss Wien Smith as collector. Helpers were Messrs Tom French, Nolan and Les Stacy, who did the heavy work.