Brinkworth Pre-School celebrates 40 years

It was 40 years ago when a group of hard working parents got together, fundraised and opened the pre-school building at Brinkworth Primary School. 

Although the pre-school was already being run in the town, it was decided to make it part of the school and get Department of Education recognition. 

Some of those parents and students made their way back to the school for the 40th celebrations on Wednesday, November 30. 

Brinkworth pre-school director Amy Wright said the community at the time worked hard to fundraise for and open the accredited kindergarten. 

“Lots of those (original) people were there at the celebrations, it was really special,” Mrs Wright said. 

Many past parents and students attended the day to celebrate, along with a number of the patronesses – those who helped the building to where it is today. 

At present, there are eight pre-school children and 16 occasional care families. 

These students assisted with cooking for the 40th birthday celebration event, which included baking quiches and biscuits. 

They joined with their teachers and held an afternoon tea with a celebration cake on the day. 

Mrs Wright said the day was well attended and many past stories were told.

The pre-school also showed a number of photos they had collected of students from the past 40 years. 

Brinkworth pre-school is open three days a week. 

With 15 hours of contact time required, and the small centre size, they are not required on site full time. 

Although a small centre, Mrs Wright said they were still active and involved with the community. 

In April, the pre-school introduced a community free produce table out the front of the kindergarten. 

It is run on days when the centre is open. 

Mrs Wright said it had been well received by the community who use it on a regular basis. 

“You take what you need and give what you can,” Mr Wright said. 

“It has been quite popular, it has been good.” 

The pre-school puts their potted herbs, succulents and any extra eggs from their chickens for the community to enjoy, while there’s always surplus fruit, homemade condiments and more on the table. 

Community members frequently use it and have taken the opportunity to leave behind some of their goodies. 

Children who attend Brinkworth pre-school travel from surrounding farming properties and local towns including Blyth, Koolunga and Yacka. 

These students then feed in to their respective primary schools, which include Brinkworth, Blyth, Clare and further afield.