A base station to be built

A NBN base station, similar to this one just outside of Auburn, will be built on a vacant block of Council land in Riverton.
A NBN base station, similar to this one just outside of Auburn, will be built on a vacant block of Council land in Riverton.

Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council has approved the signing of a lease to the National Broadband Network Company for a block of land in Riverton.

The block at 15 Bruce Street is a council owned property and has been leased to NBN Co with the goal to build a telecommunication facility on the site.

At the July 5 meeting this year, council authorised Mayor Alan Aughey and acting chief executive officer John Coombe to sign a heads of terms document for the creation of the lease.

There were two potential sites earmarked for the NBN facility, one being 15 Bruce Street and the other being Lot 102 Bruce Road in Riverton.

Telecommunications company Ericcson advised council, on behalf of NBN Co, that 15 Bruce Street met the criteria as a location for a base station.

The proposal was again brought up at the November 20 council meeting where it was carried unanimously to sign and seal the lease documentation to NBN Co.

Councillor Jeremy Kells moved the motion which was seconded by Cr Ian Burfitt.

NBN Co will erect a base station on the property which will emit radio signals to outdoor antennas installed at homes.

Mr Coombe said the base station would provide a boost for communities in the region.

“I think the station will provide much needed facilities for the community,” Mr Coombe said.

“The council has been pleased to work with and agree on a leasing arrangement for NBN to put their telecommunication facility on councils property.

“The community were quite comfortable for that facility to be located on that parcel of land.”

The new station at Riverton is just one of a number of base stations around the council region which will improve access to the NBN for residents in the area.

Data from the tower can travel as far as 14 kilometres to a roof top antenna.

The base station will have an approximate size of 10 metres by eight metres, with a 40-metre high monopole and a circular headframe attached to the top.

Rent for the property will be $8500 a year.

Initially, part of the agreement would have seen the yearly rent be provided to the Riverton Community Management Committee.

The money would have been spent by the committee on a council or public asset such as Scholz Park, Riverton Community Hall, Riverton Recreation Ground and Pool or anything similar.

However during debate at the council meeting, this part of the agreement was defeated.

Cr Elizabeth Calvert moved this section of the item, which was seconded by Cr Dianne Schwarz.

A division was called which saw only Crs Calvert and Schwarz vote in favour.

The motion was defeated on a six to two vote and Mayor Allan Aughey declared that it was lost.

Mr Coombe said that the rent would come under council’s finances and that a decision would be made at a later date regarding what that money would be allocated towards.

Potentially, the money could go towards the community grants funds, or another project.

The lease will commence on February 22 next year and the term will be for 20 years.