Clare Camera Club focuses photography on 'purple'

Only a ‘touch of purple’ was needed to satisfy Clare Camera Club’s November competition.

However, a touch did allude one of the members who received zero as a score for having nearly an entire photo of purple.

No purple invectives were heard, although there was a bit of subdued muttering.

December’s subject will be ‘A night shot’. 

The meeting will include a pooled tea at the home of Ian and Jan Trengove on Sunday, December 3, at 6.30pm.

Enquiries to Dianne 8842 3872

Results of November competition: 

Judged by Ruth Evans          


Honour: Ian Trengove 1, Jenny Reid 2, Lynne Robinson 1.

Merit: Ian Trengove 2, Len Scott 1, Dianne Stevenson 1, Lynne Robinson 1, Glenda Cornwill 1. 

OPEN PHOTOS                            

Honour: Jenny Reid 1, Glenda Cornwill 2, Ian Trengove 1, Lynne Robinson 2, Malcolm Hill 1, Dianne Stevenson 1. 

Merit: Lynne Robinson 1,  Malcolm Hill  1, Doreen Hill 1, Jenny Reid 2, Bill Singleton 2, Helen Smith 1