Fable of funds draws attention of locals

Golden opportunity

It seems that some person was able to create the story that $270,000 of state government funds was being injected into the Jamestown hospital because of the lithium-ion battery project in the local area.

It is remarkable that both the government and Mr Musk have chosen to not challenge or correct this fable. The truth of the matter is quite clear in an Adelaide letter to the editor by the presiding member of Mid North Health Advisory Council, Steve Richmond. 

As shown the figure is $250,000 (not $270,000) and comes from several years of discussion between the council and Country Health SA (not state government funds), long before Mr Musk’s name was even heard of in the region. 

It is worrying when we find that governments/politicians are quite prepared to enjoy notoriety gained from a misconception (polite word) when we the tax payer have every right to expect unconditional honesty and integrity from elected members. 

Should Mr Musk be above reproach? Should he enjoy any credit when that credit is not fairly due? The world is moving very fast in the early 21st century (not always in the best direction as we can see), so far our government have amply displayed their inability to move and develop with it. 

Recent happenings have clearly indicated that our politicians have lost sight of the ball and are far too slow to act. Office, particularly when its public office, carries a huge responsibility, this (among several other qualities) includes honesty and integrity, unconditionally! Far be it from me to suggest that this fable created by favourable press being wrongly bestowed can easily be turned into a positive for both Jay and Mr Musk! I’m sure the Jamestown hospital would be very appreciative.

Dennis Parker, Yongala.

Holden demise

Jon Mutter, Stanley Flat and John Tayler, Riverton...the only thing that killed our car industry was the value of the Australian dollar. We actually assembled a high quality and world cost competitive vehicle. But once the AUD climbed above the mid 60 cents to the green back the industry was doomed. It is that simple. Former PM Paul Keating once said our entire manufacturing industry relied on the value of the Australian dollar. Some five years ago in a meeting with the GM of GM at Elizabeth I asked what would it take to keep GM making cars in Australia?. He replied 'keep the Australian dollar below 65 cents in the dollar'. GM could then export Holden cars all over the world from Elizabeth. Which Holden once were doing very successfully. However the Aussie dollar value rose to parity with the USD and beyond...today it sits at 77 cents. That was and remains to high and the death knell for vehicle exports and the sad demise for GM Holden.

Steve Harrison, Clare.

SSM vote

Thank you to the millions of Aussies who reflected the spirit of Jesus by voting yes in the SSM ballot. Jesus strongly objected to religious people wanting to throw stones at others and Paul argued strongly for Christianity needing to reflect the spirit, rather than the letter, of Judaism. The churches that object to SSM seem to be moving towards the very Judaism that Jesus moved away from. How ironic! Judaism reacted by crucifying him; it seems that some churches are reacting by trying to crucify our anti-discrimination legislation. Thank God most Aussies have shown a generosity of spirit.

Nicolaas Voorendt, Truro.