St Joseph’s students excel

This year, 73 St Joseph’s students from Year 3 to 7 participated in academic competitions, representing 30 per cent of our students with a total of 181 entries.

The competitions/assessments administered by the University of NSW International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) included digital technologies (computing), science, writing, spelling, English and mathematics, as well as the Australian Mathematics Competition which was administered by the Australian Mathematics Trust.

A large number of successful results from all year levels were achieved, with 28 students receiving a Distinction award level or higher.

Deneke Donato (Yr 7), Matilda Worthington (Yr 5) and Harriet Nicholls (Yr 3) each received a High Distinction (top 1pc), with the latter two winning prizes for mathematics and English, respectively.

Nishchay Aggarwal, Sam Berry, Scarlett Liebelt-Seymon, Piper Ackland, Deneke Donato and Harriet Nicholls received an incredible 16 awards between them.

We are also very proud of our students who made the SAPSASA state teams this year: Matilda Maitland (cricket), Aimee Treloar (squash), Patrick Weckert (football), Declan O’Dea (athletics), Nicholas O’Dea (athletics) and James Stockman (swimming).

We hope you will join us in celebrating these students’ successes.