AgCommunicators spends National Ag Day at Manoora Primary School

Eager students at Manoora Primary school were delighted to be involved with the hands on session “Growing Great Grains” as part of the first National Ag Day activities on Tuesday.

Science communicator and Co-Director of AgCommunicators Belinda Cay presented an educational science workshop where students had the opportunity to engage in various interactive activities to understanding weather conditions, soil biology, plant cells, biomes, grain quality and milling wheat to make flour.

Year 4-7 class students learnt the basic scientific methods of how, what and why in generating and understanding modern procedures that is beneficial to growing great grains crops.

As 95 per cent of the world’s food is produced on soil, either directly or indirectly, there is obvious advantages to the entire community.

Students will now take part in a class experiment with a variety of grains, monitoring the growth of each seed they plant and record basic data of scientific methods used in their various tasks.

Belinda said it was great working with such enthusiastic students, with some budding agricultural talents for the future in the group.

Manoora Primary School is part of the Food and Fibre Education SA portfolio and is keen to participate in Agricultural Science workshops. 

“I am looking forward to making regular visits to the school next year to continue the focal point of researching projects designed to further students knowledge and opportunities leading to state awards for Young Science,” Belinda said.

Food and Fibre Education SA is an education and outreach program which engages students, teachers, careers advisers and the general community in agricultural (food and fibre) science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

FFESA acts on behalf of South Australia’s agricultural sector to deliver curriculum linked initiatives which promote innovation and opportunities in grains, livestock, horticulture, meat, wool and dairy.

The program builds the skills and confidence of teachers so they can teach agriculture in mainstream subjects, inspire careers, advisers so they encourage students to enter the industry and give students hands on experiences.

This all shows a career in agriculture is more than just gumboots and tractors.