Regional Council of Goyder works out skate park plan

Regional Council of Goyder chief executive officer David Stevenson with some of the youth of Burra who use the skate park.
Regional Council of Goyder chief executive officer David Stevenson with some of the youth of Burra who use the skate park.

Burra Skate Park is a focal point for the young people of Burra and surrounding areas.

This facility is frequented on a daily basis, by users of all ages and demographics.

The concrete skate structure was completed in early 2014, however, a lack of momentum, and perception of an ‘unfinished project’, has attracted criticism from community members, particularly the users of the park.

Ideally situated in the main street, and adjacent to the Burra Creek, this facility has the potential to be the social hub of the community.

Not only has the park promoted healthy and active lifestyle, but it has assisted in improving antisocial behaviour, and has provided a much needed social outlet for young people in particular.

The completion of this precinct will only further enhance Burra as a tourist destination.

Regional Council of Goyder have engaged ‘Town Planning HQ’, who will assist them in developing a concept plan for the completion of the Burra Skate Park precinct.

A key component of the consultation process was an ‘open day’ held at the skate park last week, where community members had the opportunity to meet with the consultants to put forward their ideas.

This was a successful event, with about 70 children and young people involved – it is the beginning of the consultation process, and will be ongoing throughout the development of the precinct.  

Council have collaborated with the Goyder Youth Advisory Committee, the Burra Community School, Burra OSHC and young people that use the skate park (from Burra and surrounds). 

They have also encouraged community members to provide their thoughts on the space.

Council have sought advice from skate and scooter companies in Adelaide (Da Klinic, Scooter Hut and Daily Grind Inc),  who also kindly donated promotional material to give away to the young people who attended the consultation event on Friday.

Council’s community engagement officer Barb Launer encouraged all community members to continue to provide their feedback through the YAC forum, by visiting the Council office, via email, written correspondence or council’s Facebook page.

The proposed outcome of the concept plan will assist Council to develop stages for the project, accurate costings, development of timeframes and the opportunity to seek further grant funding to support it’s completion.

Barb suggested the focus was on developing a multi-purpose family friendly space for all ages (children, young people, grandparents, tourists) and one that is complementary to the Burra creek surroundings.

The young people were engaged and visibly passionate in providing their thoughts on what they would like to see in this space.

Ideas ranged from the completion of the ramp for skateboard and scooter riders, to a  barbecue area and shelters/shade, landscaping, colourful seating options and nature play spaces.

The reception class from Burra Community School presented the council with a book containing pictures of what they would like to see in the park and the OSHC service will work on a project as well. 

Barb appreciated the effort the community had gone to, to see this vision become a reality.

Barb, as a key driver behind this development, will continue to consult with the interested young people, who have now become Burra’s ‘Skate Park Warriors’.