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SAPOL launched Operation Safe Speeds on Thursday.
SAPOL launched Operation Safe Speeds on Thursday.

South Australian Police are targeting speeding drivers today in a 24-hour statewide blitz.

Titled Operation Safe Speeds, the effort is aimed at reducing road trauma in South Australia with speed a key contributing factor.

It is a combined effort between SAPOL with police from Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and ACT in a bid to highlight the impact of speed.

Acting Commissioner Dean Miller said that SAPOL were committed to changing the attitudes of the public towards speeding.

“SA Police are both frustrated and saddened by this year’s road toll,” he said.

“While not each one of these is linked with excessive speed, we know that each of those deaths has had a terrible impact for a family and a wider community – these are not just numbers.

“Police can only do so much to stop the senseless deaths on our roads, we need the motoring public to play their part in road safety.

“Obviously road safety cameras – both fixed and mobile – play a part in our targeting of speeding drivers, but changing community attitudes is also vital in this process.

Mr Miller said there was a simple option to avoid being slapped with a fine.

“To those people who talk about ‘revenue raising’ I simply say, do the right thing and you will not only avoid an expiation notice but you will play your part in keeping the community safe.

“Today’s campaign will be a highly visible, focused enforcement operation – so if you don’t want a ticket, then don’t speed.”

Operation Safe Speeds commenced at 12:01 this morning and will last until 11:59 later tonight.

SAPOL released the following tips to avoid speeding:

  • Always stay within the posted speed limit.
  • Watch out for changes in the speed limit.
  • If you are slowing down from a high speed, check your speedometer - especially in the country - it can be hard to judge after travelling at a high speed for a long period of time.
  • In poor road and weather conditions, you may need to travel at a speed lower than the posted speed limit. Use the vehicle over-speed warning device if fitted.
  • An over-speed warning device is useful in both urban and rural areas.