I will vote yes: Rowan Ramsey

Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey will vote to support same sex marriage legislation in parliament after his electorate returned a 53.3 per cent ‘yes’ vote in the national survey.

A total of 75.2 per cent of voters in Grey, which includes the Eyre Peninsula region, participated in the vote, which was the lowest response rate across the state.

Mr Ramsey said he was not surprised at the result and the yes vote in Grey cleared the air for his vote in parliament.

“Personally I voted no but I’ll be voting yes to pass same sex marriage in parliament.

“The Australian people have clearly decided this is what they want and as South Australia and Grey both voted in favour of same sex marriage I will be guided by this outcome,” Mr Ramsey said.

Statewide, 63 per cent of South Australians voted for same sex marriage.

Nationally, 62 per cent of Australians voted for same sex marriage with a 79.5 per cent response rate.

Grey had the second lowest yes result for the state.

Barker, which encompasses much of eastern South Australia, had the lowest yes vote – 52.3 per cent.

Mr Ramsey said great care needed to be taken within the legislation.

“I’ll be working within parliament to protect rights for institutions, organisations and individuals, and that there is no negative impact from the same sex marriage decision.

“For those who voted yes, congratulations, and for those who voted no, we live in a democracy and we must accept that there are people with alternative views,” Mr Ramsey said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he wants same sex marriage legalised by Christmas and a bill may be introduced in the senate today or on Thursday.