Cemetery attack brings out our best

Big thank you

To the residents of Auburn who gave their time to clean Auburn cemetery after the cowardly attack on it. 

Those headstones were a work of art. 

As a  ormer resident and have a loved one buried there I couldn’t believe something so horrible could happen there. 

I often used look a them and read the inscriptions a real piece of history. 

Hopefully they will be caught and the proper justice handed out, not a soft slap on the wrist which so often happens. 

Let’s hope for proper justice.

Dianne Donnellan, Clare.

Disgrace to the memories

Having spent several years researching and recording cemeteries and the dear departed lying within them as well as recording photos of every headstone and memorial, we are disgusted and left in total disbelief that any person/s claiming to be of sound mind and in command of his/her faculties, could desecrate such valuable monuments as those contained in all cemeteries. 

These monuments contain much more history than just a name and a connection to generations down the line. 

Every piece of sculpture displays the dedicated artistry and ability of monumental mason of the time, the intricate beauty that can be displayed in a piece of material dug out of the ground is beauty to behold.

They display the high quality of varying materials used in those monuments much of which came from marble mines in Italy and other places, etc at great cost to the family involved.  

Most monuments (particularly those pre WWII) also contain within their design a connection to some biblical or historical origin. They of course display the names of the deceased as well as the names of spouses and children, they often display some history of the person lying beneath, all this is very valuable history for families, researchers and historians. 

Many are the names of returned servicemen and women, of those who died on foreign soil in all the horrors of violence in defence of the free world. 

It is also extremely important to the particular community, it contain an enormous amount of district history, the cemetery is a place where family members can spend some time in remembrance and honour of their loved ones. It is a place where a wife or husband can be laid to rest with their loved one there to spend eternity protected and undisturbed.

To think that anybody could stoop so low as to destroy all this very valuable district and personal history is beyond belief.

Would the person or person who committed this act of total and mindless disrespect in the Auburn cemetery be happy if the graves of their parents or grandparents were mindlessly destroyed?

Or would they sob, weep and loudly complain at their ill fortune of being targeted by morons?

I would echo the plea of the Editor in last week’s Northern Argus: if you know something about this despicable act then report it!

Please don’t brush this under the carpet, someone must pay, even if it’s the parents of wayward juveniles!

Dennis Parker, Yongala.

Melbourne Cup

A big thankyou from Kapunda CWA. to all who attended our Melbourne Cup Luncheon on Tuesday, November 7, at the Kapunda Golf Club. All helped to make the afternoon a great success.

Kath O'Connor, CWA, Kapunda.