Snowtown kids get healthy mind tips

Snowtown Primary School again held its annual KidsMatter afternoon on Tuesday, October 24.

This year the school’s KidsMatter focus has been on the fourth component of the KidsMatter program ‘helping children experiencing mental health difficulties’. 

Good mental health helps us form positive relationships with others, handle ups and downs, and generally enjoy life.

At Snowtown Primary School we believe that with good mental health, children can feel confident and be more open to trying and learning new things.

The afternoon began with a sausage sizzle and corn on the cob before students went around to stations run by community members and organisations.

After students had visited a station they had to get a stamp added to their map and race to the next station. 

Students had 16 stations to visit during the afternoon.

Some of the stations included; water mini-beasts, feather tennis, Spanish emoji badge making, stress balls and cupcake decorating. 

After the activities had concluded a short assembly was held to unveil the 2017 students to the ‘Every Face has a Place’ mural which is located at the front of the school.

Lloyd Carter, Snowtown’s oldest residing resident who attended Snowtown School (when it was Snowtown Public School), and the youngest student at Snowtown Primary School Maddox Tottman unveiled the mural.

It was wonderful to see all of the community support once again, particularly from the community organisations and community members and families who volunteered their time to run a station for the students to participate in.