Golden North shines nationally

A beloved South Australian brand, located in Laura, is expanding to other states in an opportunity provided by Metcash. 

Golden North will be providing Metcash with 14 different packs that are starting to find their way into interstate stores. 

Primarily, the ice cream is found in independent supermarkets Foodland and IGA ,and this will continue when the treats cross the SA border. 

Marketing and export manager Trevor Pomery said this was a huge move for the company, emphasising that workers in Laura would benefit from the expansion.

“We will need more milk and more cream from farmers, we will need more hours in the factory which will result in another one to two million more tonnes of ice cream being produced each year,” he said.

“We are very labour intensive in the factory, we still hand fill tubs and so the more tubs we need and sell, the more hands you need.

“If you look at our force up there, we probably have 10 more people now than we did a year and a half ago. It is definitely growing; as this interstate activity grows, there will be an even greater demand for employees.” 

The move interstate follows the company’s recent success with the export market in China.  

The company has a catch phrase, “we want to look beyond our postcode”, which as well as SA borders, includes international borders as well. 

Container loads of ice cream are frequently making their way across the seas to China, with the 125mL cups seeming most popular among the Chinese. 

“China is a very hard market to crack into because there are so many other brands up there,” Mr Pomery said.

“We have one distributor, and for two years they have kept ordering, so the product is selling.” 

With the future in sight and food allergies seeming more common, the company was taking a turn in its ingredients, phasing out gluten and nut products. 

The long term projects were set to take a while to be fully established, yet were definitely alive and kicking. 

Becoming gluten free was about the inclusions in the ice cream, not the ice cream itself. 

“The problem is the cookies and cream, the cookies that we use have got gluten in them,” Mr Pomery said.

“We are definitely working on it, we have changed several other products, like the Hokey Pokey ice cream which now has new pieces that do not contain gluten.”

As the company branches out further, Mr Pomery wanted to remind consumers that no matter how much the company grew, they would never forget where they came from. 

“It is actually important because SA is our home base, we do not underestimate the value to the company of the South Australian consumer,” he said.

“It is what has got us going and it is what is holding us together, we are never going to forget that, being based in Laura, you are kind of a part of the community.”