Regional Council of Goyder to protect trees and environment

Regional Council of Goyder staff Thea Koroi and Riaz Uddin inspect one of Burra’s attractive street trees.

Regional Council of Goyder staff Thea Koroi and Riaz Uddin inspect one of Burra’s attractive street trees.

Protecting trees and the environment are a priority for the Regional Council of Goyder, with elected members and staff working to protect and promote their importance.

A whole street pruning program is being developed to help reduce risks with trees or the streetscape, extending their lives or amenities, maintaining and enhancing biodiversity and habitat.

The program will work alongside council’s reactive tree maintenance work, where there is either a risk to public safety or property, or is associated with other activities such as emergency road works or storm damage.

Council will establish a long-term whole street tree planting program to ensure a consistent and uniform planting approach, creating a sense of place within the district and capturing the unique and individual character of each township through correct tree species selection.

Priorities for street selection are based on the overall condition of existing trees in the street and, where there is an absence of trees in the street, appropriate planting locations or nature strip for tree establishment.

Planting will begin early 2018, weather permitting.

Working party looks at signage

A subcommittee of councillors and staff will investigate and recommend a change to the Regional Council of Goyder’s town brand signage.

A discussion paper presented at council’s October meeting provided the background of current township entrance signage, which was last updated 12 years ago.

These signs are now in need of replacement, with 29 replacement/new signs being required. Council also manages tourist and service signs, while there are many community installed township entry statements of various types. Members of the signage subcommittee will be Cr Peter Dunn, Cr Daryl Venning, council’s tourism, arts and heritage development manager Ali Gebhardt and council works manager Lee Wallis.