Mid North Little Athletics wants your support

World champion athlete Sally Pearson at the Little Athletics track.
World champion athlete Sally Pearson at the Little Athletics track.

World champion athlete Sally Pearson has urged budding athletes to race down to Mid North Little Athletics track as its season kicks off.

To add to that, and give a nutritional boost, Coles plans to donate more than 2 million bananas this season to Little Athletics clubs around the country.

During the 16 weeks of this season, Coles will donate four boxes of bananas each week to the Mid North Little Athletics Centre as part of its national sponsorship of Little Athletics.

Coles has signed Sally Pearson as an ambassador for the next three years to promote Little Athletics, sport, health and wellbeing among young Australians.

Fresh from her win at the world championships in London, Sally Pearson encouraged kids to join Little Athletics this year.

“Little Athletics gave me the start I needed to be successful and fulfil my dreams. I encourage more kids across Australia to create their own story through athletics,” Sally said.

“I hope that the kids understand that it doesn’t matter if you’re not winning when you’re this age, you can always be an Olympic champion if your heart is set on it and you dream big.”

Sally said Little Athletics was an important organisation that added value to children’s health and wellbeing. 

Coles Gawler Store Manager Damon Obrien said they were delighted to partner with Little Athletics to help drive participation in Little Athletics in communities like Clare.

“We are passionate about our fresh food and we want to support health, fun and fitness in the community through our partnership with Little Athletics. We also know our customers in Clare love sport and getting involved with their local club,” Mr Obrien said.

“As well as our financial support, we wanted to donate bananas to energise local kids during training sessions.”

To join Little Athletics, log on to littleathletics.com.au