Exciting time for Clare High

Clare High School principal Sharryn Daly said the next six years would be an exciting time for the school.
Clare High School principal Sharryn Daly said the next six years would be an exciting time for the school.

Clare High School principal Sharryn Daly said it was an exciting time for the school after they were awarded funding from the state government.

Clare High was one of a total of 91 schools across the state to be selected as part of the Building Better Schools program.

Mrs Daly said the $5 million in funding came as a surprise.

“I can not believe it, it was a bit of a shock actually,” she said.

“I remember getting the email and seeing the headline Building Better Schools, I was assuming that it might have gone to the other schools who missed out on STEM and I went down and saw Clare High School.

“So it was really completely unexpected.”

The funding also goes along with the already announced $3.5 million in STEM funding from the state budget.

Mrs Daly said that the school already had a list of things that they wanted to upgrade with enrollment numbers continuing to rise.

This included upgrading some of the old transportable buildings and outdoor areas.

The state government also announced that the program is expected to deliver more than 1700 jobs.

Local businesses and contractors are being encouraged to apply to take part in the program, however there is no guarantee that they will win the contract.

The terminology refers more to South Australian labour as a whole, rather than businesses and contractors opperating in a specific region where a school that has been allocated funding is located.

Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close said that a business from Clare that registered their interest in the development at Clare High would not necessarily be guaranteed the contract.

“When we talk about local content and local labour it is a South Australian centric view,” Mrs Close said.

“However that said, we had a meeting with the Department of Education, the Small Business Commissioner, and a number of the senior people in the architecture and building industries and we were talking about the ways in which we maximize the jobs, particularly out in the regions.

“So, while there won’t be necessarily a direct relationship between someone in Clare registering and therefore being placed ahead of the queue of someone who is not in Clare but is still South Australian, with the amount of work that is occurring it is very likely that it will be local workers who will have access to the work in each school.”

Mrs Close said that the state government would look to match local schools with local workers “as much as possible,” as one of the two main goals in the Building Better Schools project.