Northern Areas Council allows road trains at Viterra Gladstone

Road trains, up to 30m long, are now able to access Viterra at Gladstone.
Road trains, up to 30m long, are now able to access Viterra at Gladstone.

Grain growers and carriers delivering to Viterra’s Gladstone sites this harvest can now use 30m road trains - significantly increasing their efficiency at the busiest time of year.

Road trains up to 30m were given approval to access Viterra’s main site and silos by the Northern Areas Council following an on-site assessment by Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure at the request of Viterra and growers. 

Grower Nigel Clogg, who is also Chair of Viterra’s Gladstone Strategic Site Committee, was pleased to finally get the approval.

“If you think about a 100,000 tonne crop – a B Double would deliver that in 2,400 loads but a road train will reduce it to 1,850 loads,” Nigel said.

“That’s much better for everyone involved – the grower, Viterra and the local community with less trucks around the town.

Nigel said Viterra and the council had been supportive of the change and they also appreciated the local school for working with them to change their bus drop-off area to allow this to be done safely.

“Farmers’ equipment and contractors’ trucks are getting bigger and bigger and it’s great that we could finally reach an outcome that meets everybody’s needs,” Nigel said. 

Operations Manager for the Central region Jack Tansley said it was a huge win for growers delivering to Gladstone following a 14 year endeavour.

“More and more growers use road trains to increase their efficiencies from farm to storage,” Jack said.

“Growers in the area have been seeking this for many years now so it’s fantastic to see all parties work together to get the approval.”

Growers will still need to apply for a permit through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, which will in turn liaise with their local council, to allow road trains to run from their farms.