Holden closure cause to consider unions

Memorial to unions

Now is the perfect and appropriate time to remodel the Holden Factory at Elizabeth into a huge memorial to the Trade Union movement and its subsidiary, the Australian Labor Party, in honour of it forcing the closure of Holdens and putting so many union members out of work.

Highlighted would be the car Industry which it has brought to a close after generations of seeking and getting higher wages and benefits for their members so that they now have priced their products out of world markets and their members out of work.

Also to be honoured could be the workers who have lost their jobs because their employers could no longer survive having to pay long service leave, holiday loadings etc, which were granted when business was boyant and employers could share their good times with the employees!

A special section could also be made to honour those weekend workers who have lost their jobs because their employers (restaurant owners who can longer open on weekends because of being priced out of business by penalty rates imposed). 

Weekend penalty rates were introduced to recompence those who were expected to work at weekends on top of their normal 40 hours, 9am to 5pm, not as an alternative to it!. 

The frightening outcome of this is that despite all the comments of "we will get rid of you in March at the next election", we are probably destined to another four years of Labor because they have the uncanny ability to successfully "dangle the carrot" in front of independent politicians and voters to have us led by a government that places more emphasis on immediate pleasures rather than long term benefit for our country and for our children, grand-children, and great grandchildren.

John Tayler, Riverton.    

Council transparency

It is really good that the Wakefield Council decided to become transparent (“Lamond threatens silence”, Northern Argus, October 18)

Councillors hold a public position. 

Congratulations for Cr May and Cr Bowyer for liking the idea.

They were voted in for a reason.

Too many people hide behind closed doors. 

Jenny Hill, Balaklava.

Melbourne Cup

With the Melbourne Cup a matter of days away, stop and consider what are we truly "celebrating" as we don our flashy attire and fascinators and drink our champagne.

I was like many Australians and looked forward to "the race that stops the nation", but no more.

Each year thousands of Australian racehorses are the victims of a multi-billion dollar industry rife with drug abuse, injuries and race-fixing. 

Many horses' careers end in slaughterhouses, as close by as Peterborough.

You will have heard about the deaths of four Melbourne Cup runners over the past three years. 

The industry would have us believe these are "freak accidents" and "rarely occur". 

Right? Wrong!!

This year on Melbourne Cup day, think of all the things the racing industry don't want you to know about animal abuse.

Lesley Bain, Animals Australia member, Clare.

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