Hutt River (Clare) Probus visits Camelot

Hutt River (Clare) Probus Club report for October

Among reports from officers Jenifer Spencer spoke about the recent bus trip to Camelot Gardens at Kadina.

The rain held off for a good look at an amazing garden which included a lot of sentimental pieces belonging to the owners.

None of us would like to maintain it though!

Lunch followed at Wallaroo Pier, by now rain pouring down, then a coffee across the road.

A surprise Jenifer had for us was a visit to the Recycling plant at Brinkworth.

Very interesting but I think we are all doing a reasonable job to help with the recycling.

There were photos of Camelot Gardens playing on the wall during the reports.

Maureen Parkinson was inducted as a new member as was Robert Underdown in September, welcome to you both.

The Hospitality girls keep surprising us with all the goodies for morning tea, thank you.

The raffle was then drawn.

Guest speaker was Paul O’Leary from Natural Resources whose office is in the old Primary School on Main North Road, Clare.

Having worked all over the world his territory now covers Northern Yorke, from Innes Park to Hawker to Peterborough to Mallala including Rangelands east of Burra.

With only a small staff plus many many volunteers they cover many projects such as feral deer control at Washpool, fox control (issuing over 1000 baits), destruction of kangaroos (80 permits issued in 2017), weed control (locally helping volunteers at Neagle’s Rock and Spring Gully), fire management (most staff are volunteer firemen along with farmer’s and their smaller units), cultural heritage (rock carvings) and too many more to list here.

Paul was a very interesting speaker for us as many members had an interest in a lot of what he was speaking about.

After a few questions to Paul Guest speaker officer Barry Budarick presented him with a small gift in appreciation.