Voters urged to think, state election looms

One last shot

It always worries me when politicians jump ship or transfer their vote to a particular party; how many voters were disappointed to learn that their vote for Geoff Brock (Independent) finished up to be a vote for Labor? Even worse for all the people who voted for Martin Hamilton-Smith (Liberal) to find their vote finished up 100 per cent in the Labor camp! Now Nick Xenophon has declared all the votes that were cast to give him a place in federal parliament have been abused to the extent that he is deserting federal parliament (one year into his term) to stand for state parliament and leaving in his place on the federal political stage a totally unknown person (take a close look at the state seats Mr X is targeting, it may indicate the side he favours). There is absolutely no doubt that SA and South Australian politics have reached crisis level and I find it very difficult to name one single state politician who has the makings of a trustworthy candidate (having said that there are exceptions but they appear to be strictly under party control).

The current governing gallery has made a complete mess of living, business and employment conditions in this state; in fact all indications are that we were much better off (on an all-inclusive view) 14 years ago. I would urge all voters to take a good long hard look at the candidates (their past history, where they came from, what they are saying and their body language) before casting their vote, afterwards is far too late. Anything other than an outright majority in this state would be an unparalleled disaster!

Dennis Parker, Yongala.

headspace day

On Monday, October 9, thousands of Australians across the country generously threw their support behind headspace day, kicking off National Mental Health Week.

headspace day is an opportunity to educate young people on the importance of taking care of their mental health issues early, before they become more serious.

Every year, a quarter of all young Australians will experience mental health issues and we want them to know that headspace is here to help. Research shows that 75 per cent of mental health issues emerge before the age of 25. By getting on top of issues early, the chances of recovery are greatly increased.

On headspace day we asked all Australians to share their personal mental health tips, telling us how they take care of their mental health. We gathered thousands of ideas to show young people the many different ways to maintain a healthy headspace. Our headspace clinicians say talking about how we take care of our mental health can encourage others to do the same. It is just as important to take care of our minds, as it is our bodies. With 100 centres across Australia, and phone and online chat service eheadspace, over the past decade headspace has enabled over 355,000 young people to access mental health care. Thank you to everyone who took part in headspace day.

Jason Trethowan, CEO, headspace.

Magic Cave will continue

Carinya Auxiliary's Christmas Display and Magic Cave event will be held from December 15-18, 2017. Sincere thank you to those who have answered the call for assistance.

Businesses, community groups, schools, early learning centres and individuals (adults and children) are encouraged to participate with putting in a Christmas themed display.

For details, contact the secretary on 8849 2221.