New map shows crime on a suburb levle

If you’ve ever wondered how many break-ins happened in your suburb last month, you can now find out with just one click.

SA Police has released a new interactive map which gives the public access to detailed crime statistics at a post code level.

Previously, the monthly crime statistics that were available online reflected the whole of a local police area which included several suburbs grouped together.

This will be the first time that statistics can be accessed at a suburb/postcode level with the introduction of the online mapping tool which can be accessed at

The interactive crime map is set to provide all South Australians with more information about the incidence of crimes against people and against property in their suburb or postcode area for the previous month.

Crimes against people and against property include break-ins, car crimes, robberies and assaults

Clare has the highest crime rate throughout the Mid North with 8 total offences over the previous month, while Riverton is the next highest with 6 offences, followed by Jamestown with 5.

Saddleworth, Owen, Yacka and Burra also had more than one offence reported last month.

Theft and trespassing are the most commonly reported offences throughout the Mid North.

Long term trend analysis are also available, with five years of crime against the person and crimes against property now accessible at