No location or time frame set

A group of Tesla enthusiasts using the charging station at Mr Micks in Clare on route to Darwin.

A group of Tesla enthusiasts using the charging station at Mr Micks in Clare on route to Darwin.

American energy storage and automotive company Tesla has pinpointed Clare as an ideal location to install one of its superchargers.

The Wine, Food, and Tourism Centre on Spring Gully Road had been mooted as a potential location due to its close proximity to the Horrocks Highway however those plans look to have faded.

Tesla had approached the owners of the Tourism Centre, the Clare Valley Hutt Project, and had offered to pay for any costs should there have been any need for alterations to the building.

A proposal had been put forward to the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council early last month with a decision deemed an urgent matter by the American company, and a ruling was made in its favor.

However there has been no communication with the Hutt Project since council made its decision.

Tesla had asked for 24 hour access to the Centre in order for patrons to be able to use its toilets, however the Hutt Project were apprehensive towards those demands.

An alternative had been discussed which included temporary bathroom facilities, however it is believed this sticking point caused Tesla to cool off on the location.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed to the Northern Argus that Clare would indeed be getting a supercharger installed at some point this year but would not provide any further detail such as location or give a time frame of its expected completion until an official announcement was made.

With the worlds largest lithium-ion battery to be housed at Jamestown, large numbers of Tesla car owners are expected to travel up to the Mid North to view it once it is fully functioning.

Clare is around 75 kilometers south of Jamestown.

A supercharger is the fastest way of charging a Tesla, taking just over an hour to give the battery a full charge.

According to a document put forward to council by Tesla, the benefits of installing a supercharger include increased traffic to the location, more ‘high worth’ customers, brand association and the potential to become a host site for future Tesla events.

Tesla charging stations are already available at Mr Micks cellar and at the Clare Valley motel.