Burra Uniting Church Group hosts an afternoon of fun

Messy Church angel Heidi Mirtschin.
Messy Church angel Heidi Mirtschin.

Messy Church is a new initiative of the Burra Uniting Church Group and the most recent get together was nothing short of exciting. 

The group enjoys a meal at church.

The group enjoys a meal at church.

On the last weekend of August, smoke billowed from the fiery furnace, and the room glowed red, while Messy Church angel Heidi Mirtschin who, along with Deb Elliott, had activities aplenty organised for the group.

It is an open afternoon for local families and children to attend. 

Activities on the day included toasting marshmallows, furnace spinners, big box puzzle, tin can furnace, shield making, burning cup, playdough, know down game and fiery painting. 

Families move through whatever activities they like for about an hour.

After everyone had finished cleaning up the space, our other angels Louise Edwards and James Mirtschin took the tribe into the celebration centre where they could tell the story of three men; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

In the kitchen, Roxanne Gallegos, Di Day and Daphne Lines helped Gail Edwards to fire up pizza with chicken and vegetable soup when they returned to the hall for a light meal.

Apple crumble for the adults and choc coated ice-creams for the children, this finished off a wonderful night.

Many helpers work behind the scenes, setting up, preparing and helping on activity tables and without their help it would not happen. A total of 66 attended the Fiery Furnace day. ​