Hawks fly into finals

The modern day rivalry between RSMU and BSR in the North Eastern Football League is growing quickly.

 At three quarter time in the A grade second semi-final the Tigers were actually in front by four points against the premiership favourites at the Burra Oval.

But when it counted the most the Hawks found the way to victory critically kicking four unanswered goals in the last quarter, winning the clash by 21 points and gaining direct entry to the season decider.

The Hawks are now in a fourth successive grand final and looking for a quartet of flags in the stellar epoch in the club’s history.

RSMU started well and kicked the only three goals of the first quarter but Liam Whitwell’s troops dragged themselves back into the contest and were the better side in the second and third terms. 

The Tigers used plenty of petrol tickets to get back on an even keel with the Hawks, and this, in the end, cost them deep in the game.

After being nine points up at half time, RSMU won 10.11 (71) to BSR 7.8 (50).

Around the ball Joshua Vater, Bradley Koster and William Nicholls played pivotal roles, as did ruckman Justin Schahinger at the stoppages.

 Martin Rohde was a presence across half forward all game, while Tom Connell was manful in defence.

The trio of Jack Connell, captain Koster and Damian Hynes all kicked two goals for the winners.

For the Tigers, Sam Heinjus was a colossus both up forward and when on the ball, having a telling impact on the game.

William Hennessy, may have lost to ruck taps, but he was influential around the ground.

Playing coach Liam Whitwell and the smooth moving Luke Hayes were impressive.

SANFL league experienced Phillip Raymond and the consistent Sam Martin played their roles.

Both Heinjus and Lachie Wilsdon kicked two goals for the Tigers cause.

RSMU coach Zack Hier said:

“BSER were the better side for periods last Saturday.

“They better of us in the second and third quarter.

“Their skill level was good and they were competitive.

“When the game was that up for grabs we started to win a bit of ball at the stoppages, especially in the last quarter.

“The smaller oval may not have helped us as much but due credit to the Tigers; their attack on the football and pressure around the ball was pretty good.

“Key players like Billy Nicholls, Josh Vater and Patrick Clark stood up when it counted in the last quarter.

 “They had plenty good contributors Sam Heinjus was outstanding and had an impact for them.

 Phil Raymond Clayton important role and Luke Hayes was very good.

“I've felt for us that Martin Rodhe gave us a target across half-forward all day and guys like Vater and Bradley Koster were important around them stoppages.”

First semi final

In Sunday's elimination first semi-final game at Robertstown Oval, the match was on an even keel at half-time despite the fact South Clare had more of control of the contest over North Clare to that point.

The Demons lead by seven points at the long interval and then set up the victory with a six-goal third quarter.

Another five goals in the last would ensure that they had a strong 45 point triumph.

The final score was South Clare 16.15 (111) to North Clare 10.6 (66)

 In the end South had more options in attack.

Daniel Kuhndt finished with a game high seven-goal bag, while skipper Brodie Murphy added to his work and finished with three.

Best on ground, the hard running Josh Pearse kicked two goals as well.

Mitch Reynolds ferocious attack on the ball  and hard running was noted and Alex Falconer was a strong contributor.

Phil Cutting had an interested contest with Nick Pearce in ruck.

Best  for the Roosters was Nick Rowe in defence.

Both the Panoho siblings Jake (with an interesting hair cut) and Sam were conspicuous all day, while Central District recruit Cohen Pettitt kept running hard for his team-mates all day.

SANFL league footballer, originally from the South East, Pearce played his role for the Roosters.

 Shane Channon was serviceable as well.

Another recruit to the Roosters this year, left footed goal kicking small forward Jayden  White kicked three goals for North while Tommy Crawford finished with a pair of majors.

Justin Michael South Clare coach said:

“Our pressure was really good early and we just dropped our work rate for about 10 minutes in that opening term where North kicked a couple goals.

“I felt we control the match for the majority of the game but we did tire a little in the last quarter.

“This was a pretty physical encounter but generally I thought we have the game on our terms.

“The scoreboard was still closed at half-time but I felt we broke them early in the third quarter.

“I was certainly happy with our efforts in that term, to kick six goals.

“On reflection we haven't even contribution across the four quarters from most players

“Josh Pearce in his first game back after injury worked hard all day and ran the lines really well.

 “I felt Phil Cutting limited Nick Pierces impact on the game.

“Daniel Kunhdt kick seven goals up forward which was an impressive performance while Mitch Reynolds run  hard all day and gave a contest.

“Another positive is we should have Justin Walker back for the preliminary final clash this weekend.