Lisan Stocco, 14, shows how important change is

Teenager Lisan Stocco, a student at Clare High School, is keen to see people make changes to help the environment.
Teenager Lisan Stocco, a student at Clare High School, is keen to see people make changes to help the environment.

From a young age, Lisan Stocco, of Auburn, had always been interested in the environment. 

Growing up on a small farm, tending to animals and wandering paddocks this sparked interest in aiding the environment in a variety of ways. 

Miss Stocco said as she grew older she became more aware of the impact we had on the environment around us. 

“Personally, I am extremely interested in preserving the environment for future generations so that they can share the same experiences I have throughout my childhood,” Miss Stocco said. 

”I realised the only way that it wouldn’t perish was to help to try and spread the message to as many people as possible.”

So, to help her crusade, Miss Stocco joined the Youth Environment Forum as well as the Youth Environment Council. 

She first heard about the council when she was just 11, she is currently 14 and in year nine at Clare High School. 

”Each of these allowed me to express my opinion and attempt to spread the message of the damage we are causing to the environment.”

Youth Environment Council allowed Miss Stocco to express her passion on a larger scale and meet other young teenagers who share the same interests and common goals.  She has been part of this council for three years and despite taking a year off to focus on her studies, she will return next year.

“My wishes for the future planet are that the future generations understand the actions that are currently being taken are damaging our environment on a large scale and that they are able to take different actions so this problem subsides.”

Miss Stocco said everyone could help the environment, one household and one change at a time. 

“The simplest, yet overlooked, actions are to preserve water, limit the amount of driving, recycle and reduce food wastage. 

“There are more ways to aid the environment such as reaching out to local organisations for ideas and support on larger projects and ideas.”

Overall, Miss Stocco wants to push her personal goals of spreading awareness to others of the impact the current generation was causing to the environment and what could happen in the future if it was not resolved.

​“I am specifically interested in sustainability as I believe we now need to think of the future of our planet and not just the current period.”