Burra defeated Balaklava in the grand final

Burra went into the under 14 hockey final as the favourite, but at no stage did they under estimate the might of a determined Balaklava side. 

If Burra was to win the game, they had to play hard and earn the win. 

The match started with a bang with Balaklava’s Nick Lawrie performing one of his trademark fast runs to goal and scored the first goal of the match within two minutes. 

The goal sent the Burra side into panic mode and they fought hard to ensure Nick did not get to have another go. 

Balaklava tried again for goal but the Burra side was not going to let that happen. 

Balaklava went into the half time break 0-1. 

The second half saw Burra come out with fire in their bellies and determined to score. 

Many short corner opportunities went by and no score was recorded. 

Captain of the Burra side, Harrison Williams decided enough was enough and belted the ball through the Balaklava defence to score the first goal for Burra. 

This time the Burra support crowd lifted as a deafening roar from the sideline was heard as scores were 1-1. 

Burra finally looked to take control of the game with sensational tackles by Lachie Harvey in Burra’s defence to turn the ball over to run back to goal. 

Jed Devine and Annalise Stockman were so nearly close with a few chances at goal, but couldn’t quite capitalise. 

Halfway through the second half, Lucas Williams made a break for it (in similar fashion to his mate Nick Lawrie from Balaklava) and scored a beautiful running goal bringing Burra 2-1. 

Balaklava would not give up – brothers Lachlan and Patrick Smulders backed up their team mates to make Burra’s game a very tough one. 

Their defensive line-up that has been so strong all year in Faith and Eli Battistessa were like a wall to get through. 

Halfway through the second half, Lucas Williams made a break for it and scored a beautiful running goal taking Burra to the lead, 2-1. Balaklava also had opportunities with short corners but could not score from them.

Short corner after short corner was awarded Burra’s way, but they could not convert. 

Balaklava also had their opportunities with short corners but they too could not score from them. 

With not much time left, Balaklava made a last ditch effort to run it back into attack, to be run down by Saxon Nicholls and Amber Prince in Burra’s defence. 

Saxon’s beautiful hit outs of defence kept the ball clear of Balaklava’s attacking end and in Burra’s.  Finally the umpire’s whistled blew to signal full time with Burra the winner of the CHDA Under 14 competition. 

Well done Burra – they played as a team and had a brilliant season. 

Commiserations to Balaklava – if there was an award for the most improved team from start to finish – this team would have won it hands down. 

They will be a force to reckon with in 2018.

Goals – Burra: Harrison Williams, Lucas Williams

Goals – Balaklava: Nick Lawrie

Best Players – Burra: Lucas Williams, Harrison Williams, Jasper Weatherstone

Best Players – Balaklava: Nick Lawrie, Lachlan Smulders, Eli Battistessa

Player of the final: Lucas Williams

                                                                                                                        PICTURED ABOVE: The Under 14 premiers for 2017 - Burra Hockey Club. (Back row, L-R) Saxon Nicholls, Anton Thompson, Lachie Harvey, Paul Williams (coach), Harrison Williams, Annalise Stockman, Amber Prince, Jasper Weatherstone. (front row) George Peart, Emilie Stockman, Lucas Williams, Bradtke Stockman, Jed Devine, Opal Prince, Montana Hammill, Keira McKay. 

Under 15

Played at Stockwell

AMU 0, CDHA United 2

This was the last game in the minor round for the 2017 season played on the turf at Stockwell. 

For some it was a rush to get there from Burra’s grand final for the U14 game. 

The match was evenly contested with both teams having some great links and passages of play, surges and mishaps. 

AMU linked well as the younger team and put pressure on CDHA who had to work hard. 

The first goal came off a short corner with Max Price converting with a clean strong hit in the corner of the goals. 

Half time talk was around linking better, more talking and sidelines. 

The second half was a repeat of the first. 

CDHA’s second goal came from a nice set up starting from Nick Lawrie who passed down the line to Elizabeth Cornwell who carried the ball to the back line and shot it back to the spot where Thomas Lymburn took the glory of the second goal. 

The CDHA U15 team sits second on the ladder after the minor rounds and will play AMU again next week for a berth in the finals. 

The game has been scheduled for 10.20am at Stockwell with the U18 CDHA team playing straight after for a chance in the finals.

Under 18

CDHA United 2, Tanunda 2

A brilliant game to watch. The CDHA United side held control of the game for a fair majority of the time. 

Well done to CDHA United for holding the top team to a 2-2 draw for the last game of the minor round. 

CDHA United finished third on the ladder and will play against AMU in the preliminary final next Saturday at 11.40am at Stockwell (after the under 15 match) for a spot in the grand final.

Goals CDHA United – Will Price, Mitchell Lawrie