North Eastern netball finishes on high


A1- BBH 33 v BSR 41

Both teams came out fighting with the defensive pressure from both teams making it difficult for the goalies. Up until half time it was neck and neck. Unfortunately Kirsty Glacken (GS) went down in the third which allowed BSR to pull away. With one injury for BSR and two from BBH, both teams stayed focussed and played a great contested match. Another fantastic team effort to end the season for BBH.

A2- BBH 30 v BSR 58

BSR played a consistent game always taking advantage of the loose passes by BBH on occasions. BBH worked the ball well into the ring but finishing off was inconsistent. Riley Fitzgerald (BSR) scored consistently all game. A great effort by the girls with the score not reflecting the intensity.

B1- BBH 25 v BSR 46

BSR started really well with Clare Longbottom taking many intercepts and rebounding well. In the second quarter BBH settled but were still finding it hard to get past the defence. Half time score 8-19. In the third quarter, BBH made some changes and Sione Cooper went into goals and shot well. BBH won the half but in the last quarter BSR ran away with it.

B2- BBH 47 v BSR 18

Both teams started well contesting every ball. A few turnovers from both teams saw only one goal the difference at quarter time. BSR’s GA Gemma Williams shot well in the first half. BBH’s Jess Tiver consistently applied pressure in the defence which resulted in a large number of turnovers. Both teams fought hard, but BBH were too strong in the end.

C1- BBH 75 v BSR 13

A well played game by BBH players and well done to the BSR players who increased their pressure in the second half. BBH were quick to turn over the ball. Congratulations to Nikita Morgan from BSR who supported and encouraged her team.

C2- BBH 31 v BSR 45

BSR was too strong on the day. BSR with accurate and fast passing gave them a steady lead at quarter time. BBH’s strong defence with Grace Peart and Kerry Anne Kruger kept the goals down with many rebounds. BSR goalies Karen Ide and Caroline Reichstein were both accurate and played well.

15 & under- BBH 6 v BSR 71

BBH were up against a skilled and fine-tuned side. BSR goalies Lucy Meyer and Chloe Jackson shot a high percentage. BBH had a fun game by swapping around into different positions Isabelle Bray played well in goals shooting four out of the six goals scored. Emily Lines (BBH) played well and Kloe Berryman showed how versatile she can be.

J1- BBH 20 v BSR 37

BSR had a great start with both goalies, Jordyn Hentschke and Ruby Stringer moving and shooting well. BBH started to apply pressure and GD Isobel Drew got some touches resulting in turnovers. BBH players played a great last fourth quarter outscoring BSR. A great way to end the season.

J3- BBH 14 v BSR 5

Everyone played well and tried their hardest. Both teams worked hard and pushed themselves. BSR’s Holly Weckert and Erin Wheaton played really well and also played a strong game. BBH’s Montana Taylor and Matilda Noakes also played a strong game and worked hard for the team. Overall, both teams and all girls played strongly and everyone should be proud. A great way to end the season.


An awesome game from BSR’s Sophie Goode and Taylah Beinke, and BBH’s Gemma Conners and Chloe Raffan. A fantastic way to finish the season.


A great game with many changes over the court. BSR’s Lucy Nichols defended well and Lara Meyer worked hard in centre. All 16 BBH girls played with happiness and enthusiasm. A great season.

North Clare v South Clare

A1- North Clare 45 V South Clare 49

North started the game determined to get a good start. All players contributing, valuing intercepts and shooting accurately. The third quarter saw Katie Liebelt step up with accurate shooting and rebounding, which saw South take the lead. South took the game by four goals. A special mention to Chelsea Panoho for some clean intercepts.

A2- North Clare 64 V South Clare 45

North started strong, delivering the ball strongly across the court. Bridget Ellery held her space well and caused issues for South’s defenders. In the second quarter South increased the intensity but North maintained their strong lead. Caitlin Bennie shot well for South. 

B1- North Clare 48 V South Clare 35

A tightly contested first and second quarter by both teams. The score was even at the first change with North leading by two at half time. A good defensive and attacking third quarter by North gave them a 13-goal lead at the last change. Clean defence by both teams all game as well as some accurate shooting by South’s Eliza Burton and North’s Hannah Salter and Bonnie Goss.

B2- North Clare 43 V South Clare 36

Elyssa Aucote lead well at each centre pass. Rachel Sanders turned over many passes down the court, applying consistent pressure. Isabella Rawlings for South and Stephanie Coles for North shot well down either end.

C1- North Clare 66 V South Clare 28

Grace Frick played well and Phoebe Helbig did as well. Mel and Phoebe Helbig combined well in North’s circle. South tried hard but North were just too strong.

C2- North Clare 53 V South Clare 13

North firedout of the blocks, using good drive. North’s Jodie Mullighan and Paige Richie feeding their goalies well. South’s Rudy Frick provided great defensive pressure making North’s goalies work hard. Good determination by both teams, but North capitalised on turnovers seeing them finish strongly.

15 & under- North Clare 48 V South Clare 11

A good start by South with great leading and shooting in the first quarter. Changes to North at half time saw them lift as a team and take a lead quite convincingly for the rest of the game.

J1- North Clare 21 V South Clare 18

South came to the game with determination and drive to secure a finals spot. Paryss played well in defence as did Zahli in the goals for South. South held the lead at every quarter break. North consolidated in the final quarter with Chloe Goodwin taking many intercepts, resulting in North scoring the goals to win in the last few minutes.

J2- North Clare 18 V South Clare 22

The game was evenly matched throughout the court. South came away with the win in the last five minutes.

J3- North Clare 30 V South Clare 16

North started the first quarter strong with great shooting by Lilli Smith and Zoe Pawelski. South made changes in the second quarter and narrowed the margin with great shooting by Lucy Kimber. Well done to both teams on their final match for the season.

J4- North Clare V South Clare

A tough battle with our local rivals. Great offence and defence by both teams, with great down the court play.

J5- North Clare V South Clare

A great last game for the season for both teams. North were very competitive in the first half, but South were too strong in the end.

Min Man v Eudunda/Robertstown

A1- Min Man 30 v Eudunda/Robertstown 35

Both were tight in the first quarter 9-11. Saints took off in the 2nd with great shooting by Georgina Pfitzner. A bad fall by Kimberly Michell saw Min Man make several changes. The score was 15-23 at half time. Min man regrouped with strong determination against an equally strong Saints. Saints were too strong, capitalising on turnovers.

B1- Min Man 40 v Eudunda/Robertstown 19

A really great start by Min man, converting some early intercepts with goals. A very tight game throughout, with both teams defending well but Min man remained composed despite Eudunda/Robertstown never giving up.

B2 - Min Man 45 v Eudunda/Robertstown 36

A very tightly contested first quarter by both Min Man and Eudunda/Robertstown. Both teams created great passages of play down the court. Min man ran out the game in the fourth quarter.

C1 - Min Man 32 v Eudunda/Robertstown 24

A very even first half saw the Saints shooting well, creating a close contest. Min Man refocused, settling in the centre and an increased effort in defence lifted the team with great shooting from Emily Graham. A great team effort.

C2 - Min Man 38 v Eudunda/Robertstown 20

Min Man started strongly leading 17-1 in the first quarter. Good shooting by Katrina Michalak and Lara Smith. Saints came back with good defence across the court. Lisa Stocco and Nichaud Pringle stood up strongly in the third quarter. Taylah Smith took some great intercepts. Tilly Jacka and Chelsea Couch worked hard in defence but had a tough battle with Rebecca Noack and Amelia Griffiths.

15&U - Min Man 21 v Eudunda/Robertstown 42

Eudunda Robertstown settled into the game in the first quarter, taking the lead early with a consistent goalie duo of Brooke Friebel and Maegan Pfitzner. Min Man’s defence worked well. Alice Hart-Lamont was excellent in the centre with great effort and turnovers.

J1 - Min Man 37 v Eudunda/Robertstown 23

A scrappy start to the game by both teams, with Min Man getting more of the ball. Eud/Rob has a great second quarter, getting ahead. Another close third quarter but Eudunda/Robertstown pulled away in the last quarter with great shooting.

J1 - Min Man 37 v Eudunda/Robertstown 23

A strong start with Eud/Rob applying good pressure in defence. Min Man stayed steady throughout the mid court and attack line to take an 8-goal lead at half time. Excellent shooting and rebounding by Sophie Smith allowed Min Man to hold onto their lead into the fourth quarter. Min Man’s consistent pressure and steady play down the court saw them strengthen their lead.

J4 - Min Man v Eudunda/Robertstown

Both teams showed great skills, with lots of improvement during the season. Good defence from Min Man’s Chloe Hodge and Indiana Mitchell. Matilda O’Brien from Saints got some great intercepts. Well done all the Min Man girls on a fantastic season.

J5 - Min Man v Eudunda/Robertstown

Everyone played very well, with great shooting by the goolies. Everyone is looking forward to next season. They all played well together.

RSMU v Blyth/Snowtown

A1- RSMU 48 V Blyth/Snowtown 34

Sophie Griffiths (RSMU) in goals had an outstanding day with some strong form to take into finals. Blyth/Snowtown committed to the contest and worked hard applying mid court pressure creating turnovers. Bianca Allchurch was solid in attack accurately feeding her goalies and the Cats were rewarded on the score board. RSMU ran out 14 goal winners.

A2- RSMU 59 V Blyth/Snowtown 46

RSMU tried hard to shake off the Cats but they showed great grit and determination. Neve Pratt in goals for Blyth/Snowtown shot well . The match up between Jayne Atkinson (Cats) and Paige Rowett (RSMU) was a great contest throughout. RSMU was able to put the scores on the board but had to work hard to finish off the minor round.

B2- RSMU 35 V Blyth/Snowtown 35

RSMU had to work hard to secure second spot for finals. Both teams started off strong with Blyth having the lead. RSMU lost it for a while in the second quarter to be down by 6. A few changes for RSMU made the game closer and more competitive. An excellent defensive game with both Kathleen Willmott (RSMU) and Tahlia Tilley (Blyth/Snowtown) making all the goalies work hard. It was neck and neck in the last quarter and ended in a tie.

C1- RSMU 33 V Blyth/Snowtown 37

RSMU started well with excellent mid court run. This led to a six-goal lead at half time following some excellent shooting from Kadee Clarke and Stevie-Lee Dutton. Blyth Snowtown made six changes going into the last half which unsettled RSMU. The combined defensive pressure of Ella Roberts and Kerry Lee Welke allowed Blyth Snowtown to turn the tide of the game and lead by 6 at the final break. While RSMU recovered wellthey were unable close the gap, losing by three.

C2- RSMU 63 V Blyth/Snowtown 33

A great, consistent game for RSMU today, holding their own and fighting hard. Blyth/Snowtown’s defence were strong all game putting the pressure on RSMU’S goalies in all four quarters. The RSMU girls worked well as a team with all players contributing. The game was a much closer contest on the court than the score reflected.

15 & under- RSMU 11 V Blyth/Snowtown 78

An excellent display of skills and game play by Blyth/Snowtown. RSMU’s Kelsey Noll worked hard all day to slow down the flow through the mid court but Blyth/Snowtown’s Chloe Nicholls was too strong. Accurate shooting in the goal ring by Cartia Jaeschke and Isabel Pratt made it nearly impossible for RSMU’s Rebecca Lockwood and Jessica Heath to pick off any rebounds. In the third quarter, RSMU’s Sophie Bocock stepped up and applied pressure to force some turn overs but RSMU were unable to capitalise on these. Ella Roberts and Aimee Cusack played well in defence for Blyth/Snowtown and used their height to their advantage. Blyth/Snowtown moved the ball beautifully all day and were too good for RSMU. Good luck to all teams competing in the finals.

J2- RSMU 15 V Blyth/Snowtown 20

Excellent game played by both sides with RSMU leading in the first quarter by 4. Blyth/Snowtown came out fighting in the second quarter with GD Millie Roberts intercepting many passes and turning the ball around, allowing Blyth/ Snowtown to bring a tight game. In the last quarter Blyth/ Snowtown led by three but RSMU’s defenders, Teagan Snook and Ebony Brown kept fighting, deflecting many chances for Blyth/Snowtown. Blyth/Snowtown kept their lead, and came home with a win.

J3- RSMU 25 V Blyth/Snowtown 3

A great game by both sides with RSMU leading the first quarter by eight goals. Cats defenders Erinne Haitana and Ocea Ebsary couldn’t stop the forceful attack in the ring by Madie Prziblla and Matilda McLean. In the second half RSMU switched it up and gave girls a run in different positions. By the fourth quarter RSMU was too strong and came out with the win by 22 goals.

J4- RSMU V Blyth/Snowtown

A great game by both teams, both sides showed amazing ball skills and team work. RSMUs Molli Adams and Isabel Hinds were unstoppable. Greta Pratt had amazing defence skills on the court.

J5- RSMU V Blyth/Snowtown

A great start by both teams with all players turning over the ball. Emmison Heinrich from RSMU created space and shot well. Trinity Schutz (B/S) played well in C. Good use of voice by all players, everyone getting around the ball and chasing down any loose balls.