Promoting benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Clare Primary School students were paid a special visit on Thursday when four of South Australia’s contestants from Australian Ninja Warrior stopped in for a chat.

Grand finalist Luke Williams, semi-finalist and former Olympic-level gymnast Celeste Dixon, Jim Delderfield and Jeff Malone spoke about their history prior to gracing television screens and held a Q and A session to answer questions from the eager students.

The session lasted for half an hour and included a quick fitness test to get the children involved.

Luke told the students about the fitness tests the Ninja’s had to pass in order to qualify for the heats of the competition, and then got them to try two exercises themselves to understand the difficulty.

These included squats and a balancing test.

The Ninja’s are touring from the Spencer Gulf back to Adelaide and visited five other schools on Thursday, starting at Port Augusta earlier that morning.

Celeste said that the students from Clare Primary were the best that they had seen on their tour of the state so far.

“It was the best reception we have had today so far,” she said, “it was awesome and such a great welcome.”

“They were so energetic and really enthusiastic to us being there. They wanted to get involved, they wanted to actually get up and try what we were trying which was really good, that is what we want to see.”

The quartet are promoting the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle to young kids around the state which will help them to lead better lives down the track.

Data released earlier this year in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health showed that one in five Australian children are overweight by the time they start school.

The Ninja’s were concerned last week when an alarming number of students they visited were unable to complete a simple fitness test.

Celeste said that the aim of these tours was not only to promote living actively, but to also encourage the children to not give up on their dreams.

“We also want to make sure people do not give up on what they want, that they fight for everything and that anything is possible no matter what background or how old you are.

“It does not matter, you can do whatever you set your mind to.”

The Ninja’s have spoken to over 2000 primary students so far on their tour.