Landstruct at the Blackman

The Blackman Gallery of Clare held its inaugural solo exhibition of recent paintings by local artist Vivian Ziersch on Sunday, August 20.

The exhibition was opened by former Clare resident and high school teacher Dieter Engler.

Dieter presented an informative talk leading in with a little history on landscape art from English art commentator, Kenneth Clarke who noted those things not fashioned by humans: flowers, rivers, hills or clouds that surrounds us has structure and life as nature have become art.

Vivian’s paintings investigate man/made structures, buildings, roads, pipelines or poles all seemingly foreign elements in the land as legitimate objects that interrupt our landscape to be seen anew and motifs for abstraction.

Dieter highlighted the moral wrestling the artist is challenged by, resolving the brutal coldness of man made with the warmth of our humanness that we invest in the idea of nature.

The title “Landstruct” coined for this showing was a well attended opening.

The Gallery owner Julie Blackman can boast and excellent venue saying since the gallery’s inception that similar exhibitions were to be key.

Her son Daniel gave his curatorial eye in hanging the 30-plus paintings echoing a strong subject theme.

The exhibition will continue until the end of September.