Stirling celebrates 250 netball games

On Saturday Cherie Stirling (nee Ottens) played her 250th game for the Cats on the same courts her career started.

Stirling started playing juniors for BSR, although she had to start a year later than other girls her age as her younger brother Gareth was born that year.

As a small community does, the Dutschke family ensured she was able to get to games and trainings when needed.

Her junior years set her in good stead, because in 1993 she was awarded C1 runner-up best and fairest at age 15.

Her last game with the Tigers was in 1995, then she followed her heart to Blyth to be with her boyfriend, Cory Stirling – only to have the rest of the family also join the Cats across the years that followed. 

Stirling’s most valued memory among the Cats was her first game with sister Elise, in which they have shared many more since.  

Her time at Blyth Snowtown has seen her attain several premierships.

The one that stands out the most was captaining the back to back 2002  and 2003 B2 premierships, under the influential eye of coach Carley Darling.

Stirling won the runner-up best and fairest in 2003. 

She carries incredible leadership on the court, which at times over the years have been underrated.

The juniors at Blyth Snowtown have been incredibly fortunate to have Stirling’s experience and knowledge guide them in recent years.

She is a strong advocate and facilitator for the young ladies going through the grades. 

She is an invaluable clubperson, highly involved in the junior football, coached B1 2005, C1 2013, B2 2015, 7 year olds 2016 and is coaching J5 this season and has a high level of get-up-and-go to see things done for the benefit of our club. 

While Stirling has many qualities she takes to the court, her strengths lie in her grit and determination.

When she is focused Stirling makes for a very difficult opponent as she has continued to evolve and mature as a netballer over the years, with her clear vision, strong direction and developed fitness.