North Eastern netball results

Round 15 of the North Eastern netball A grade matches showed all of the matches finished with a good margin to the winners.

Eudunda/Robertstown v South Clare

A1- Eudunda/Robertstown 71 v South Clare 25

The Saints started well, capitalising on turnovers with accurate shooting and strong driving down the court. South increased their intensity with steady play in their attack line. The third quarter saw the Saints make a few changes which worked well. South worked hard all day but the Saints were too strong on the day winning by 46.

B1- Eudunda/Robertstown 54 v South Clare 34

South came out fighting making a few turnovers. The Saints bounced back with accurate shooting and smooth transitions down the court. The Saints continued to build on their lead throughout the game. Taylah Wurfel got her hands to a lot of ball for South. Brilliant movement in the goal ring by Courtney Doecke and Courtney Schutz saw the Saints come away with a convincing win.

B2- Eudunda/Robertstown 42 v South Clare 43

A very tightly contested game right from the first whistle. Tight defence by Bianca Driver for South in GK all game. Both teams fought hard with the difference being South goalies shooting brilliantly.

C1- Eudunda/Robertstown 26 v South Clare 28

Both teams started strong, contesting for the ball down the court. The second quarter saw South take a strong lead with accurate shooting. South led by 10 goals at half time. The third quarter saw the Saints make a comeback and closed the gap by one goal. The last quarter made for a thrilling match up with a close finish. South won in the last minute by two goals. Well played by both teams.

C2- Eudunda/Robertstown 31 v South Clare 42

South came out strong maintaining possession easily. The Saints struggled to score from goal opportunities in the first quarter of the game. A change in player positions saw the Saints come back fighting for a win.

The Saints began making many turnovers and started scoring their goals, closing a large gap quickly. However South were still able to take the win, being too good in the end.

15 & under- Eudunda/Robertstown 68 v South Clare 6

A tough game for South with the Saints showing great control and teamwork throughout the court. South worked hard in defence and demonstrated some good passages of play. The Saints accurate shooting and passing saw them come away with a convincing win.

J1- Eudunda/Robertstown 26 v South Clare 15

It was an even start by both teams. The Saints had a great second quarter with great shooting by Sophie Nietschke. The Saints Breea Schutz made South’s goalies work hard. A great win by the Saints leading into the finals.

J2- Eudunda/Robertstown 7 v South Clare 50

The Saints were very persistent throughout the whole game, but South didn’t miss too many goals and were lightning fast. South demonstrated great skills by driving down the court well and capitalizing on their turnovers to come away with a very convincing win.

J4- Eudunda/Robertstown v South Clare

The Saints found it difficult to find their flow of play today. The first quarter started well and the Saints kept pace with South. The second and third quarter saw South continuing to throw strong passes and kept possession well. The Saints finished the last quarter playing a better skill level and started thinking about netball which made it flow easier.

J5- Eudunda/Robertstown v South Clare

South started out strongly with some great leading, stopping the ball from getting to the Saints end all the first quarter. The Saints warmed up with the sun and made better leads and defended hard. South continued to convert goals well, the Saints were so close to getting a goal but it just didn’t happen. A great game all round.

North Clare v RSMU

A1- North Clare 37 V RSMU 57

An even start for both teams. Rachel Pearce started back in goals for North. RSMU defenders were solid for the entire game. Kerry Heinrich’s first half made it very difficult for North’s defenders.

In the third quarter North made a few changes which saw them make a small dent in the score. RSMU were again too strong throughout the court while Lauren Finey was solid all game for North.

A2- North Clare 39 V RSMU 44

A solid start for North, particularly their goalies. The second quarter saw RSMU turn around a 5 goal deficit, playing their typical fast court game. RSMU with great shooting and defence gave them a 3 goal lead. In the fourth quarter North goalies dropped off and RSMU utilised their court speed to maintain the lead. Great game, well done RSMU.

B2- North Clare 36 V RSMU 65

RSMU started out strong in the first quarter. Nadia Daminato fought hard in North’s defence but both Kelly Anne Dutton, and Georgie Rowett for RSMU were very accurate with their goals. North made a few changes at half time which saw RSMU’s lead decrease slightly but in the end RSMU were just too strong for North.

C1- North Clare 37 V RSMU 35

Great start from RSMU, their pressure was great all over the court and they had North rattled. The second quarter saw North pick up their game and come back from being 10 goals down.

Hayley Busch and Amanda Vandeleur played well for RSMU as did North’s Emma Ryan and Phoebe Helbig. Great game by both sides but North came out with the win.

C2- North Clare 46 V RSMU 25

A strong start by RSMU saw them take the lead early. North came out firing in the second quarter with even contest by both teams. Beautiful shooting by North’s Jo Geddes. Both teams applied pressure across the court but North managed to capitalise on turnovers, seeing North with the win.

15 & under- North Clare 44 V RSMU 27

A very strong first half saw North Clare in front by 14 at half time. Lots of turnovers throughout the game and a very even second half with great shooting by both sides. Amazing defensive skills from RSMU’s Rebecca Lockwood and North’s Molly McMurray.

J2- North Clare 26 V RSMU 22

Another even contest against RSMU. Ruby Naughton was a stand out and North’s Lara Jaeschke shot consistently. The last quarter saw a steady team game by North, resulting in a win. Great game by all girls.

J3- North Clare 23 V RSMU 19

A great contested game. RSMU came out strong with great shooting by Maddy Prizibilla. North had great passages of play with Imogene Hawks taking intercepts, and Madi Coles with lots of rebounds. Zoe Pawelski shot beautifully. Well done both teams.

J4- North Clare V RSMU

A top notch game with North taking an early lead and holding on to win. Excellent intercepting by Amelie Smith and Matilda Gwynn-Jones with Alice McMurray great with her catching. An impressive game of down the court play.

J5- North Clare V RSMU

A strong game played by RSMU, dominating the goals. North tried extremely hard against some very tall girls but RSMU were too strong.

BSR v Blyth/Snowtown


BSR was lead very strongly by Alicia Thomas and Kobi Keeley with accurate and strong movement in goals sealing an early leady by 13. Cats took some great intercepts in the third quarter showing great drive in the midcourt but couldn’t match BSR’s team work and transitions out of Cats goal end.

Meg Geddes and Gemma Seal combined well with Ellen Kessling who turned over many balls in the last quarter. A brilliant game by BSR, Cats played well but couldn’t stop the Tigers run.


Both teams come out evenly and contested the play. BSR increased their defensive pressure which created turnovers that they were able to capitalise on. Blyth-Snowtown’s mid court pressure caused BSR to force the ball and make some errors.


Blyth-Snowtown started the game strongly with intense defensive pressure throughout the whole court. The Cat’s goalies positioned strongly and shot accurately all game.


Both teams came out strong with lots of turnovers. Blyth-Snowtown managed a few quick goals, leading by 5 at the first break. Blyth-Snowtown came out very determined with great shooting by Blyth-Snowtown’s goal shooter. Great second half by both teams, a very friendly game.


Blyth-Snowtown came out of the gate firing in support of Kate Wandel playing her 300th game. BSR rallied in the second quarter with good shooting by junior fill-in Ruby Stringer and solid defence by Kate Hancock. Blyth-Snowtown held strong throughout and proved too strong, running out convincing winners.


A game where attackers of both teams worked well together. Kath and Karen for BSR worked very well and got some beautiful feeding from around the ring. Cats kept their heads up for all the game but BSR proved too strong.

15 & under- BSR 47 v BLYTH-SNOWTOWN 32

Tired players from both sides returned from ski trips to battle at Brinkworth. Accurate shooting from BSR’s goalies Lucy Meyer and Chloe Jackson gave BSR the win.


A strong contest from both sides with Blyth-Snowtown’s GK making it difficult for BSR’s goalies. In the end BSR were too strong.


BSR came out firing today with accurate shooting by Adelaide. Defenders from both teams worked hard and had some good intercepts. Blyth-Snowtown goalie, Bonnie, shot well.


The game began evenly with all players trying to create space. BSR lifted their work rate with strong leads and good passing. The Cat’s defence line worked hard, applying lots of pressure in the circle and down the court. Well done to all players.


A fantastic game from all girls, showing increased skill development and court play awareness since we first played each other in round 1. The game was an even contest, enjoyable by all, with great sportsmanship and encouragement shown by both teams.

BBH v Min Man

A1- BBH 45 v MM 58

BBH got off to a flying start going up by two at the first break. Min Man showed their class in the second by taking the lead at half time. As expected Min Man goalies were consistent throughout allowing them to hold their lead.

BBH showed great skill and patience throughout the court but were not able to convert all the opportunities presented to them. A great contest over all. The score line does not reflect the game played by BBH.

A2- BBH 31 v MM 46

Min Man came out strong in the first half getting many turnovers in the defence and had shooters Jodie Allen and Molly Ross on point with their goals. BBH came alive in the second half, getting hands to the ball and backing up each other well. Good strong finish in the last quarter for BBH but Min Man had too strong a lead.

B1- BBH 29 v MM 47

Min Man showed their strength getting an early lead on BBH. Genevieve Edmunds and Karen Palmer made some great play, assisting Min Man’s lead. Some good intercepts and pressure from Caitlin Stockman and Sjani Dix (BBH) slowed their advance but Min Man came away with a good win.

B2- BBH 42 v MM 39

BBH came out firing with a strong first quarter and a five goal lead. Sheree Riggs had fantastic hands with her many rebounds. Emily Dodd, from Min Man, made hard work of BBH defences with her good shooting. BBH shooters had their work cut out for them with the pressure of finals coming. Ellie Hilder’s multiple intercepts gave BBH a good boost.

C1- BBH 38 v MM 35

This was a hard, well-played game by both sides. Each player gave it 100 percent and fought for the ball for the full four quarters. In each area of the court each player had to work for the ball. This game was either team’s right until end.

Well done to the BBH team who came out on top. Both sides can be congratulated on their sportsmanship and team skills. Thank you to the umpires who had a busy game.

C2- BBH 24 v MM 41

A solid start to Min Man gave them a good lead at quarter time. Min Man goalies Lara Smith and Danielle Wells shot very well. BBH lifted in the second quarter and the match became very even. BBH’s defence in Kimberley Williams and Maggie Rayson kept Min Man’s goals down. Min Man were too strong in the end, coming away with the win.

15 & under- BBH 27 v MM 34

Min Man started strong with accurate shooting by Zara Rantanen and Elsie Edmunds that saw them in front by 14 at the first break. Changes made by both teams saw a more even second quarter but Min Man still held the lead by 20 at half time.

BBH started the third quarter strongly with Isabelle Bray and Amelia Squire taking some fantastic intercepts and strong rebounds. Georgia Hook really stepped it up in the second half, shooting a very accurate percentage. BBH made a fantastic come back winning the second half by 13 goals. Well done to both teams on a very exciting game.

J1- BBH 11 v MM 33

Both teams started well and quarter time scores were close. Min Man pulled away in the second quarter due to good shooting by Haile Smith in GA. Min Man kept that upper edge through the second half. BBH turned the ball over a lot but struggled to score against Min Man’s height advantage in both goal rings.

J2- BBH 17 v MM 21

Min Man’s Emily Nordhausen-Bradley (C) and Emerson Schoenberg (WD) came out and played hard from the start. BBH were slow to start, with strong leading from Georgie Lines and Lily Smith. Lily Charnstrom’s (GK) strong defence kept BBH goals at bay. A strong team game and finish by BBH closed the gap.

J3- BBH 21 v MM 5

An excellent game played by both teams with Alice Mitchell and Emelia Schwartz playing a great game for Min Man with Flick Stockman playing a great defensive role for BBH and Eliza Quinn killing it in goals. Overall, it was a great game to watch and we are proud of both teams.

J4- BBH v MM

A strong game played by BBH’s Evelyn Tilley and Chloe Raffan. Min Man’s Bridie Maher and Zoe Schwartz also played a great game.

J5- BBH v MM

A polished performance by a taller more experienced Min Man team. A great first half by Min Man goalies Daisy Duncan and Larni Cook. BBH defender Eliza Clarke, Bree Tiver, Chacinta Fiesbourg and Gracie Schuppan worked hard to turn over the ball. Great game.