Women prepare for rural gathering

Organisers are starting to put together the final touches for this year’s South Australian Rural Women’s Gathering (SARWG) in Cleve.

Spaces for the three day event are already limited, with registrations closing at the end of August.

Attendees will have the opportunities to listen to six guests speakers across the event, including Cecilia Woolford, Sarah Powell, Val Oldfield, Diana Laube and Jules Allen.

  • Cecilia Woolford of Hillridge Stud near Kimba brings both corporate and government high level proven experience of organisational change. Cecilia is acknowledged for her capacity to lead strategic thinking at a high level, and her communication skills. She is currently the Chair of the Outback Communities Authority (OCA) having responsibility for governing over 625,000 square kilometres or about 63% of the State. Basically she is the ‘Mayor of the Outback’.
  • Sarah Powell, a South Australian mixed farmer, community leader and advocate for rural women and youth was the national winner of the 2015 Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Rural Women’s Award. She established new relationships through social groups, including local sporting clubs. Sarah saw the potential of local sporting clubs as a mechanism to build future leaders, which she believes is core to keeping rural towns and regions alive.
  • Val Oldfield OAM grew up as a city girl before starting a new life as a young bride in the outback on the remote Mungeranie Station, situated on the infamous Birdsville Track. In her book No Beating about the Bush she shares many stories, some funny, some serious about her time out there, for her it was important to share her story as a tribute to the women of the outback.
  • Diana Laube has been actively involved in a number of major NRM initiatives such as the development of the region’s draft water allocation plan and the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Diana has an interest in board governance and in EP lifestyle. She is also very keen to play a role in seeing the sustainable management of our region which she sees as requiring a balance between management of natural landscapes and economic opportunity.
  • Jules Allen is a remarkable Australian with a remarkable and moving story. Guided by the philosophy that “your greatest adversity in life is your greatest gift,” Jules’s message centres on accepting life’s challenges and using them as a springboard for positive change.

The women also get to chose a selection of 18 workshops to participate in during the event.

  • Artisan bread baking
  • Chocolate and more chocolate
  • Coffee tasting appreciation
  • CPR
  • Digital awareness for Parents and Grandparents
  • Dragon boating for Health Fitness
  • Dyeing rainbow socks
  • Embroidery 
  • Fish cleaning and cooking
  • Healthy cosmetics
  • Herb propogation and seed collection
  • Homefire and bushfire safety
  • Homemade journal/notebook
  • Intuitive and authentic interior design
  • Macaron madness
  • Matwork Pilates
  • Natural solutions with essential oils
  • Rejuvenation retreat
  • Safety groups for women
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sewing with cork fabric
  • Square foot gardening
  • Taking control of your financial life
  • Tour of Arno Bay
  • Yeldulknie Waterfall Walk
  • Yeldulknie Weir tour
  • Yoga Chi Balance

The gathering will be held from September 22 to 24 in a number of locations throughout the Cleve district.

For more information on the gathering, accommodation, sponsorship or to register, visit saruralwomensgathering.org.au or contact SA Rural Women’s Gathering Cleve chairperson Nola O’Connell on 0438 400 655.