Combined Independent Agents Association saleyards at Crystal Brook

CIAA director Wayne Hall. Photo: John Kruger.

CIAA director Wayne Hall. Photo: John Kruger.

Work is well under way at the new 10,000-head capacity sheep and lamb saleyard at Crystal Brook, currently under construction by Combined Independent Agents Association (CIAA).

The project is well on track for its scheduled finish, with the first sale still expected for late September 2017.

Combined Independent Agents Association (CIAA) is the State’s biggest livestock agency, and director Wayne Hall said the saleyard was progressing well.

“We’re still aiming for an end of September sale to kick things away, obviously we realise that there’s some dry areas of the State that would welcome that as quickly as possible,” he said.

“It’s all on track, the yards themselves are going up this week and from then on it will be a matter of completing access into the yards and finishing off the site.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the rural community, they’re all looking forward to it and it’s going to be a great option for our agents and clients.”

The CIAA group has more than 50 agents linked to the business throughout SA and Broken Hill, and expects to hold six to eight lamb and sheep sales each year –possibly more on demand - at the Crystal Brook sale yard.

The new sale yards are expected to draw in livestock from CIAA clients from far and wide including Eyre Peninsula, the Northern Agricultural and Pastoral areas of the state, as well as Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Crystal Brook feedlot operators Andrew and Nick Greig run Fairview Feedlot with up to 10,000 head of lambs at capacity, and the saleyards are located on property leased from them. Andrew says having another sheep market option will be of huge benefit to the State.

“From my point of view, the buying option it will provide me will certainly be positive – I’ll be mostly buying rather than selling as most of my end product from the feedlot goes direct to the meat works,” he said.

“It’s good news for the independent clients to have access to a store market and another option to sell and buy sheep.”

The development of the new saleyard has been partly supported through a $115,000 State Government Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback Futures Program grant.  

Saleyards at Crystal Brook.

Saleyards at Crystal Brook.