NENA round 14

North Clare's Chloe Cook delivers a pass.
North Clare's Chloe Cook delivers a pass.

Round 14 (Split Round)

August 5, 2017


A1- RSMU 42 v BBH 37

It was a tightly contested game in windy conditions. RSMU held a slight lead at the first two breaks but BBH worked hard to bring that back to an even playing field at the third quarter break. Positional changes by RSMU due to injury saw them settle and finish off strongly.

A2- RSMU 39 v BBH 28

A close first half saw BBH put the Hawk’s girls under pressure with tight defence and accurate shooting by Amy Berryman. Despite winning the first quarter BBH went into the main break trailing by only 1.

RSMU had the better of the third quarter with A2 debutants Abby Griffiths in WD and Riley Kemp in GS both making their mark on the game. RSMU had a 16 goal lead at the final break. Changes by the BBH coach saw them win the last quarter by 5 but RSMU were able to take the 2 points from this clash.


B2- RSMU 38 v BBH 26

The first quarter was a really close contest in terrible weather conditions. A few changes saw RSMU take the lead after half time. RSMU’s goalies became consistent to get a strong lead in the third quarter.

BBH’s changes in the last quarter kept the pressure up for the Hawks along with great shooting by BBH’s Bridget Booth.

C1- RSMU 30 v BBH 33

RSMU got off to a great start, settling well in the first quarter to get the lead by four goals. BBH were applying a lot of pressure in the goal ring with Jessica Tiver using her height well to rebound. RSMU’s Amada Vandeleur played a very strong game feeding goalies well and fighting hard all day.

BBH made some changes going into the third quarter putting Josephine Rains into goals which worked well. It was a very tough game and BBH came out strong in the last quarter catching RSMU on the back foot. BBH turned the game around to take the lead at the final whistle by 3 goals.

C2- RSMU 29 v BBH 41

A strong start by both teams at quarter time. RSMU’s Georgia Oakley put pressure on BBH’s Jodie Stockman throughout the entire game keeping it close. RSMU’s Jess Sidwell shot well all game causing BBH’s Grace Peart to fight hard for possession. BBH took the win in the last quarter by 12 goals.

15 & under- RSMU 34 v BBH 18

A well contested game played in cold and windy conditions. RSMU and BBH were evenly matched in the first half with minor differences in the first two breaks. RSMU stepped it up in the third quarter to lead by 12 goals at the last change. RSMU defences Rebecca Lockwood and Jess Heath made BBH’s goalies work hard all day. Kate Clarke played well for BBH and shot accurately when she had the opportunity.


J2- RSMU 14 v BBH 21

With an even start to the first half, both RSMU and BBH played a tight game, with great shooting from RSMU’s Tegan Sener, and BBH’s Lauren Donhart. BBH’s centre, Clare Hall, made it challenging for RSMU to bring the ball down. With a close game, BBH came home with the win.

J3- RSMU 23 v BBH 9

A great, friendly match today by both sides. RSMU’s defence was in full force with Madison Saunders and Mia Parkinson dominating in the ring. BBH’s Grace Cunningham played well in centre court but couldn’t stop RSMU’s strong attack line. RSMU gave a full four quarter effort in which they came out with a fantastic win.


A great game by both teams today in very trying conditions. There were some clean passages of play with ball movement and positioning greatly improved from the first round match. It was close all day with the strong circle defensive play by Maddie Naughton and Leighla Brown (RSMU) and equally as good for BBH Reagan Van Gasteren and Abbie Mirtschin. Well done by all involved.


An excellent team game today from both sides, Leighla Brown, from RSMU, intercepted well creating lots of turnovers. BBH worked hard to get into the scoring circle scoring some exciting goals. Well done to Emmy Lou from BBH chasing down any loose balls. Great to see both teams sharing the ball well between players. Keep up the excellent work.

South Clare v BSR

A1- South Clare 32 v BSR 62

The first quarter was a tightly contested affair with the tigers taking the lead into the break by 4. The Demons then were hit with injury with the side being reshuffled. The Tigers took full advantage and extended the lead at half time.

The Demons kept trying across the court but the Tigers were just too classy, extending the lead at every break. The Tigers were well served by Alicia Thomas in the goal ring and Gemma Seal in defence and for the Demons Katie Liebelt in the goal ring and Simone Bennie in the mid court.

A2- South Clare 43 v BSR 62

Both teams came out firing in the first minutes with full court pressure a feature of the game. BSR steadied early to lead by 5 at quarter time, 10-5. In the second term BSR were able to capitalise on turnovers to extend their lead to 10 by half time, 19-29.

BSR came out strongly in the third, creating turnovers and moving the ball quickly down the court. South’s circle defenders were able to halt their progress several times, keeping South in the game. In the later stages of the third BSR put their foot down to lead 28-47. South came out strongly in the last quarter decreasing the margin but BSR were too strong on the day, winning 43-62.

B1- South Clare 32 v BSR 49

Pace and accuracy from Sharni Chapman and Maddie Grant, BSR shooters, cemented a 5 point lead into 2nd quarter for BSR. South’s new shooting combination of Emily Lymburn and Mikayla Lawrie settled into to the game to find their form.

BSR’s quick reflexes and precise passing and shooting saw them draw their lead into half time of 27 to 14. South’s centre Taylah Wurfel provided excellent drive and strong defensive pressure through the mid court, while BSR’s WA Georgia Myer fed their shooters to take a further lead into 4th quarter 40 to 24. Fourth quarter continued with BSR continuing control of the ball to take out a comfortable win of 49 to 32.

B2- South Clare 53 v BSR 24

South Clare came out with confidence and grabbed an early lead. The ball moved really well through the centre court and both teams had plenty of opportunities for goals. Bree Nield led the charge in the Demons goal ring and consistent shooting by both her and MacKenzie Johnson kept the scores coming. Tayla Clark was strong in the centre court for BSR and kept the ball moving freely. Rachel Sanders was strong in defence for South and turned the ball over at key times.

C1- South Clare 29 v BSR 19

South Clare came out strong in the 1st quarter under very windy conditions. Kelsey Pengilly & Mel McHugh’s shooting for South was magnificent throughout the game. BSR’s Talari Francis played a great game being held under pressure from South’s defenders. Overall, it was a fantastic game by the young South girls who stood up and played without their senior players for a solid 3 quarters.

C2- South Clare 27 v BSR 67

A strong start by BSR saw them lead by 9 goals at quarter time. BSR read the play well all game, with great leads by WA, Emma Weckert, and great shooting by both goalies, Kath Lanford and Karen Ide. South kept the pressure up but BSR proved too strong, finishing up with a 40 point lead.

15 & under- South Clare 10 v BSR 79

South started the game in encouraging fashion with Clodagh Barry and Emma Mildren combining beautifully in attack and scoring twice as many goals in the first quarter as the team did in the match last week.

BSR moved their players around and gave plenty of their J1’s a run. Lucy Meyer played with skill and composure in a range of positions and Chloe Jackson was unstoppable when playing in the mid court. Our girls ran the game out despite trailing and Michelle Matasi was determined in defence. BSR played very strongly in the second half to run out easy winners.

J1- South Clare 27 v BSR 25

A really even game between these two teams. South’s goalies were shooting well and so were Jordyn Hentschke and Ruby Stringer for BSR. Jade Chapman was working hard in the midcourt and Paryss Maunder was again strong in defence. A strong last quarter by BSR but South were able to come away with a win.


J3- South Clare 20 v BSR 3

South came out very strong in the first quarter to be up by 8 goals and were able to increase the lead each quarter to finish with a solid win. Lucy Kimber for South shot an amazing 17 goals for the game while Jessica Letcher (SC) played a solid game in the middle with lots of turnovers. Zoe Griffin (SC) played in defence with the shooters challenging her the whole game but managed to intercept the ball which the team capitalised on. BSR didn’t stop putting the pressure on South with Libby Stringer and Sienna Frances (BSR) trying hard all game and challenging their opponents.

J4- South Clare v BSR

A hard fought game played in cold conditions. South Clare were dominant from the first centre pass. Excellent defensive work by Scarlett Liebelt-Seymon and Isobella Coull saw South take away a big lead into half time. BSR worked hard throughout the game. Jasmine Dayman for BSR made many intercepts through quick running and tight defence.

J5- South Clare v BSR

A good performance by both teams today. Strong pressure by South all over the court, led to lots of opportunities for their goalies, while Lucy Nicholls and Taylor Jones worked hard in goals for BSR. Regan Smith (South) got her hands on many loose balls despite the frosty conditions and Imogen Nitschke (South) was tight in defence.