Active Brinkworth youth

A number of young people got together in June and formed the Brinkworth Youth Club (BYC).

Up to 16 children are attending the meetings, with ages ranging from seven to 14-years-old.

They are enthusiastic and have some excellent ideas for the club, including how to fundraise, a number of activities, and a wish list of things for the Memorial Hall and the town.

The BYC has an organising committee which will cater for children from five to 21 years.

The committee will report to the Memorial Hall Committee on issues and suggestions from the club.

Members of the BYC would love to have things like table tennis, volleyball, badminton, foosball, air hockey, gymnastic mats and an eight-ball table in the hall, as well as sleepovers and go on camps.

The youngsters would also like to be taught about subjects such as childhood health, how to dance, sing and act and do various crafts such as woodcarving.

Also high on the list is a jungle gym and trampolines at the town playground, learn to be able to play musical instruments and have a skate park as well.

They plan to organise sensory activities, games, gymnastics, a community circus, plays, concerts and have talked about having a swap library in the community room to encourage reading.

Recently members have been playing games including hover soccer, 10-pin bowling, hide and seek and making popcorn and pancakes.

Convenor Nancy White, who is also the child protection officer, is applying for grants and donations in order to buy the various items.

“We have been asked by the members many times to extend our hours so we must be doing something right!” Ms White said. Others who wish to volunteer will be trained to work with children and will require a police clearance.

At present the children meet on Wednesday from 4.15pm to 6pm and Sundays from 2pm to 4pm.

Donations from members of the public and businesses are more than welcome; contact Ms White on 8846 2243.