Going bald for charity

Jamestown lad Matthew Slattery has gone bald for the second time, raising money for the World’s Greatest Shave.

The 18-year-old first took part last year through his school, Jamestown Community, and managed to raise $700 for the Leukemia Foundation.

Matthew said he was drawn to take part in the event because of how simple it is, while also raising money for a good cause.

All I have to do is shave my head and I raised nearly $2500

Matthew Slattery

“I did it last year with school, raised a bit of money there and decided because it is really simple that I might do it every year,” he said.

“All I have to do is shave my head and I raised nearly $2500.”

For 2017, Matthew’s goal was to raise as much as he did last year.

However, this time he blew his expectations out of the water by raising a total of $2337.33.

Matthew is no stranger to doing good deeds and helping out his community – he regularly takes part in charitable events around town.

But beyond his charitable endeavors, Matthew also plays an integral part in protecting the Jamestown community.

He has been a volunteer for the local Country Fire Service unit for a little over a year.

In fact, just last Friday he was called out to Caltowie for three hours in response to an accident which involved a car tipping on its head.

Matthew said he was not entirely sure why he was drawn to join the CFS as a volunteer.

“I honestly would not have a clue,” he said.

“I just wanted to do it.

“I am friends with the captain in town, I knew him so I got involved.

“I do a lot of volunteering in town with sports so I thought might as well join the CFS and help out a little bit more.”

Asked if he was happy with the final amount of money he raised, Matthew could barely contain his excitement and gave a special mention to the Country Fire Service who helped him eclipse his goal.

“Oh, hell yeah,” he said.

“My goal was to raise as much as the year before or more which was $700.

“Big thanks to the Jamestown CFS, they probably raised half of it.”