Housing estate on golf course?

An unofficial proposal has been discussed for a small housing estate on the Balaklava golf course.

This comes after a major residential proposal for the area did not eventuate some time ago.

Wakefield Regional Council chief executive officer Jason Kuchel told the latest council meeting that there was now a suggestion of establishing 10 to a dozen houses on “larger” blocks that were were lacking in the town.

He said the project would be “tied in” with the golf club and possibly feature a lake in a recreation zone.

“It is an idea from investors in the club, but not an approach by the whole club,” he said.

“It is not a formal proposal.”

Cr Barry Smith said it would be a “positive” development, “as long as they get the right developer”.

In his report to council, Mr Kuchel said the subdivision might be possible within existing zoning.

He said the club wanted to have a camping site for recreational-vehicle travellers.

Mr Kuchel and club representatives had discussed the possible sealing of an extra stretch of road when turning off the main road into the avenue leading to the club.

Meanwhile, a new park may be created on land previously used by railroad company Genesee and Wyoming.

Mr Kuchel and the company had discussed the possibility of sheds on the site being given to the community.

He said an agreement could be struck between the company and groups such as Balaklava Area Committee.

Concrete would be removed and the area could become a park.