Watch the new trailers from San Diego Comic-Con

The CW superhero shows are back in October. Photo: Supergirl, Facebook
The CW superhero shows are back in October. Photo: Supergirl, Facebook

The San Diego Comic-Con International is on again and trailers are dropping like crazy on Facebook. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hanging out for some of these updates for months.

Did you binge watch your way through most of Marvel’s Netflix shows? Well, get ready to binge again on August 18 when The Defenders drops.

They crammed plenty of fight scenes, sarcasm and shock into this trailer.

Side note, does anyone else want to see Jessica Jones and Elektra go head to head?!

Of course, who can forget about the next big blockbuster hit Thor: Ragnarok, which hits cinemas on October 26, 2017.

There’s been plenty of chatter about the Guardians of the Galaxy feel of this trailer and with scenes filmed in Australia, there is a lot to get excited about. 

Other Marvel news coming out of Sand Diego Comic-Con includes Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck stepping down. He’s being replaced by Raven Metzner, an executive producer on Sleepy Hollow, for season two.

Not to be outdone, DC have released a trailer for Justice League.

It is packed full of action and fight scenes but hopefully some of the Wonder Woman excellence will rub off on this one.

The Arrow trailer doesn’t give much away about the fate of our favourites after the season four cliffhanger.

It might give you chills though, especially the moment when Oliver asks who the bad guy is and his son points towards him.

Ah, Cisco! I’m so glad your humour seems to have survived Barry accepting his fate and going to do time in the Speed Force prison in The Flash finale.

After being a huge Barry fan in season one, I’m actually looking forward to some time without him and the producers hopefully developing the rest of the ensemble. 

Meanwhile The CW’s usually sunny and optimistic superhero, Supergirl, clearly isn’t coping with the loss of Mon-El.

By the looks of this trailer, we could be in for a few changes in season three.

I can’t wait to see how the dynamic (and slightly dysfunctional) Legends of Tomorrow deal with the dinosaurs, the circus and countless other messes that they’ve left throughout history.

Stranger Things was one of the 2016 Netflix highlights for many viewers. It returns with season two in October.

And finally, FOX’s mischievous devil returns to our screens for season three of Lucifer.

These are bound to keep you busy on a chilly winter’s night. Enjoy!