The Laura Country Music Festival is coming to town

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PULL on your boots and get in line; the Laura Country Music Festival is coming back to town.

The annual event is a testament to life on the land and a celebration of country music talent from across Australia.

A series of people from the Mid North and neighbouring areas will be performing, including Anne Kirkpatrick, Paul Costa, Trevor Philbey, Jeff Cook, Juliet Olivier, Reg Dodd, Malcolm Doyle, Tracy Rains & Claypan, Jim Arneman & Flora Smith and Peter Coad and the Coad Sisters

Held from July 28 to 30, most events for the festival will be held in the Laura Memorial Civic Centre.

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Tables and chairs will be set out for people to sit down and take in the entertainment, while a dancefloor will allow people to get on their feet and into the groove.

Food and bar facilities will be available all weekend.

Festival organisers Joyce Wode and Ian White said the event brings diversity to entertainment in the area.

“It brings people people into the town, especially in the winter months when it’s quiet,” they said.

“We live in a regional area and country music pays homage to the land we live on.”

A weekend pass is available for $55.