Jackson slams country hospital backlog

A decade-long $150 million country hospital capital works and maintenance backlog would be tackled under the State Liberals’ Investing in Country Health policy. 

Liberal candidate for Frome Kendall Jackson has been advocating for the need to ensure there is adequate investment in health facilities in Port Pirie, Clare and the Mid North. She pledged action by the Liberals if they were elected in March next year.

“Hospitals and health facilities play an important role in our towns and throughout regional South Australia...” Mrs Jackson said.

“The key health policy – Investing in Country Health – will see more respect of the strong role played by local communities across regional South Australia in supporting hospitals and health facilities. 

“Patients in our community are often disadvantaged by distance and challenges in accessing doctor and specialist attraction and retention, but just like their city cousins, they are entitled to fair access to health services.

She said the state Liberals acknowledged the need to have a robust network of health care services. 

“We are committed to ensuring Frome is part of that focus by addressing the unacceptable capital works and maintenance backlog,” she said.

Opposition health spokesman Stephen Wade said the government’s city-centric approach had undermined patient care with many hospitals run into the ground.

“Country people have a long tradition of raising funds locally which help meet the health needs of communities, in particular, through buildings, upgrades and equipment,” he said.

“In the State Budget handed down by Labor, they made much of $1.1 billion health spending, but there was not one dollar for capital investment in country hospitals.

“The state Liberals will empower Health Advisory Councils to control their trust funds, ensuring local funds meet local needs – protecting private donations and enabling local management of bequests.”

Northern Argus is seeking comment from Health Minister Jack Snelling.