Clare & Districts Hockey Association


Clare 1 lost to Burra 2

Best Players – Clare: Royce Butler, Elizabeth Cornwell, Izzy Price.  Burra: Lucas Williams, Harrison Williams, Jasper Weatherstone.

Goals – Clare: Talbot Challis.  Burra: Lucas Williams, Jasper Weatherstone.

For the second game of the day the Clare Hockey Club took on the Burra Hockey club. Spectators enjoyed some sunshine and some fast paced hockey. Burra came out firing, attacking hard.

Some solid defence by the Clare defenders denied Burra any early goals. Clare had some good attacking runs, stopped skilfully by Burra.

Close to half time, Burra managed to score a goal, leaving the half time score at one, nil.

The second half saw Clare start strongly where they managed to grab the equaliser from a short corner.

As the half went on, Clare began to tire and Burra started to dominate possession.

Clare defended a number of short corners before Burra was able to sneak the ball into goal, creating the end result – Burra 2 and Clare 1. A great game to all involved! Report by Shelley Upton

U15s:  CDHA United 1 defeated AM United 0

Goal: Elizabeth Cornwell

U18s:  CDHA United 1 defeated AM United 0

Goal: Max Price

Under 18’s

Clare United 1 Vs AMU 0

A Battle between Clare’s Zone players and Team of the comp player AMU’s Callum Munchenberg but with Clare’s change of strategy cutting him out most of the first half maintaining the majority of the play no one was able to score.

In the second half Clare’s all round depth on the grass showed having the majority of the play. Half way through Max price managed to top of a great play putting the ball into the back board after a great cross from Thomas Lymburn. At the re start Clare held strong looking like they were going to punish the back boards again, AMU managed to keep the ball out but couldn’t stop Clare’s determination and it looked like it was only a matter of time before they would score again.  Time ran out before they did and it was a 1 – 0 win to Clare United at final whistle. A great game all round.

B Women’s: CDHA United 0 lost to Gawler 4

B Men’s:  CDHA United 2 lost to Gawler 3

Goals CDHA: Luke Burge 2

B Men Clare United 2 Vs Gawler 3

United’s new tops looked good but it was to be a clash of colours in the low angel of the sun. Clare’s new boy Phil Cricchiola looked out of breath and fellow new comer John Griffiths showed early skills after a 5 year break. Gawler got the first score on the board through fill in player Tommy Trumper, looks like a keeper boys. But no one stood around to admire his strike, Clare charged forward scoring through Luke Burge to tie 5 minutes before half time.

After the break it was again Gawler to get away scoring through Ash Whitaker and the battle of the defence’s circles after Raph Battitessa team mates let him down failing to get back. Their third score by Joel Watson started to make the result sound but in a flash Burge added another one in the top of the net. United Looked good for a while until the legs become weary on the spongy surface and Gawler put time wasting on the agenda to stop United’s run and it was all over, A good spirited game with plenty of intensity from start to finish.