Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend draws closer

For the past 33 years, Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend has been written in the diary or on the calendar of many locals and visitors. 

It’s a weekend of fine wine, good food and great entertainment – it celebrates the end of vintage for our winemakers and winegrape growers. 

We’ve compiled a list of reasons we know we’ve been to and enjoy about Gourmet, just for a bit of fun. 

 You’ve planned the entire weekend a year in advance. 

You’re the first one to grab a booklet and circle your favourite wineries

You then mull over the food options and get stuck between good food or great wine! 

...and maybe you have the added issue of entertainment as well. 

You’ve got accommodation, a bus and have compiled a list of great wineries to go to even before the booklet is out. 

You’ve stopped to take photos of and admire the gorgeous Autumn colours

You’ve ended up at Eldredge Wines at the end of the day – enjoying a dance. 

Or, maybe that’s Stonebridge Wines now. 

You’ve got a fine collection of Gourmet glasses at home.

Instead of using those glasses, you make sure you get another one each year. 

You’ve been on tour with Mr Willson. 

You’ve met new people based on your choice of wine. 

You’ve been a designated driver for your friends and enjoy the atmosphere without drinking! 

You have skipped a game of netball, football or hockey to enjoy Gourmet

“After a couple of wines, I had a chocolate cheesecake and it was honestly the best thing I’ve ever eaten” 

You know each winery has its own unique theme

You have a specific stop for everything (breakfast at O’Leary Walker Wines, or dessert at Jaeschke’s) 

You know your spots – food, wine or entertainment

It’s the one time of year you associate certain foods with wineries

No matter what the weather you always dress warm, with boots and a scarf – it almost marks the start of winter. 

You’ve had a go at getting a ‘hole-in-one’ but failed miserably.