Only The Good Stuff value-adds to grow their business

Only The Good Stuff owner Lynette Boud displaying a range of 'raw' snickers cheesecakes - completely refined sugar free.

Only The Good Stuff owner Lynette Boud displaying a range of 'raw' snickers cheesecakes - completely refined sugar free.

The Boud family, of Clare, took the leap to not only purchase a business but to expand into including a whole food and real food cafe. 

Lynette and Paul, along with their four children, took over Only The Good Stuff about four years ago. 

For a couple of years they stuck with the products they sold but that changed when they decided to open their healthy foods cafe, to not only cater for people who have specific dietary requirements, but to also complement their range of products. 

This strategy would give customers a complete package when they walked through the doors. 

Mr Boud said he and wife Lynette believe so much can be gained by the body, both mentally and physically, inside and out, when you eat well and choose real food. 

“...we think that diet and lifestyle can have a huge impact on your wellbeing,” he said. 

Their want to go with whole and healthy foods stemmed from the need to assist their children growing up. 

Not wanting to accept medical intervention, the family set out to find and eliminate foods that were upsetting the family. 

Mr Boud said he lived on quick grab and go food previously and it was not unusual for him to consume a litre of iced coffee each day – but he is intolerant to milk. 

It has been a progressive change for the family during the past 13 years. 

Opening the cafe supported their beliefs and allowed people with specific dietary requirements to have an easy eat-out option. 

“We understand it because we live it...we know what’s in it (the food).”

Mr Boud said the family had not always planned to open the cafe.

“It was just a thought and we felt it would be good for both businesses,” he said.

The whole food and real food cafe uses a range of local products where possible, and provides customers with quality menu selections. 

Mr Boud said despite good reaction from the community, it was still going to take time for people to give it a go. 

“It was a big risk to take but we thought we would give it a go, we could not see anyone else doing it,” he said.

“We thought it would be good for the health food shop and good for us and we would enjoy it.

“The passion is driven from health.” 

Mr Boud said the people who liked what they were doing visited the cafe on a regular basis. 

“We are never sick or tired and we have so much mental clarity,” he said.

“We have four kids, the businesses and we feel we should be run down but we are fine speaks for itself.” 

Despite a change in attitude from some people, Mr Boud felt education towards healthy eating and good fats was an evolving thing.