Clare High School's debating team succeeds

In what could be a first for Clare High, their year 12 debating team have come out winners at the first of four rounds in the SA Schools Debating Competition. 

Their speakers included Travis Kuchel, Bailey Wetherall and Ashley Smith, other members of the debate squad include Adam Burford, Jasmin McElroy and Amy Menadue.

Clare High School year 12 manager Michelle Rowe said the students were keen to be involved in debating, so after a little investigation she managed to get them involved in the competition.

“As far as I am aware this is the first time Clare High School has been involved in the State competition,” Mrs Rowe said. 

“Many years ago (before I came to Clare in 2009) there was a district/regional competition which we were involved in, but at the moment that no longer runs.”

This is a competition Mrs Rowe would like to get started again. 

The students involved in debating are all Year 12 students and were involved in the Lions Youth of the Year Public speaking competition last year.

The team had about a month to prepare for the competition.

“In our first round we debated against St John's Grammar and although the students were nervous at the start, they argued their case with passion and poise, winning the debate,” Mrs Rowe said. 

Bailey Wetherall was named Best Speaker of the Debate. 

Clare High’s debating team has a total of four rounds with three more to come – one every three weeks. 

“We are sent out our team rankings on the Monday following the debates, so it will be interesting to see where we sit.”

Mrs Rowe said new teacher to CHS, Brionie Mensforth had been invaluable in helping the students prepare for their debate and was keen to continue her support.